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warning: dangerous rambling

Posted 12-05-2004 at 03:56 AM by damaged
i need to get out of this place. i'm going half mad. the media is altered. nature is polluted and synthetic. the people are superficial and discriminating.
they think they know emo. darlings, GC isn't emo. it's a bunch of tightasses wearing eyeliner playing pop punk. they stereotype me under "smart and highly reserved, but they agitate the hell out of me because they are never themselves" because i have black hair and almond eyes. she doesn't even know me and she writes all that...
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I hate rude people.

Posted 12-05-2004 at 02:28 AM by Leena
Very much.

Longer entry later.

I just needed to say this....
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JC and Tommy lost

Posted 12-05-2004 at 02:16 AM by Billabong
I'm sad to see that JC/Tommy lost today! Especially for JC, because apparently he was a shadow of himself!

I know the Bryans are very strong and Spain wouldn't have won this match anyway, but I was kinda hoping that JC would play well.. I wonder how he'll do next year?? It can't be worse than this year, but he does have a whole lot of points to defend in Australia.. Let's hope he'll be able to play all his tournaments, that he'll stay healthy and win at least 1 tournament!...
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Posted 12-04-2004 at 11:56 PM by Guille's Girl
Okaaay! so. Let's see here. I'll start with Guille!!! Well actually his dad. Was readin' somethin' ja was Mr. Oscar Coria. Sorry for my bad grammar. I actually talk like that. Anywho, he said that Guille is REALLY shy. He said he's so shy that some people mistake his shyness for pride Poor Guille Blah blah, Mr. Oscar said a lot of other stuff but I don't feel like typin' alot

Now me!!! Absolutely nothing. I think me and Stone are gonna play at the...
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Posted 12-04-2004 at 10:58 PM by Blaze
Wow, I am new to this
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