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My nephew/niece!!

Posted 01-04-2005 at 10:35 PM by Purple Rainbow
Just received the first pictures of my nephew or niece via e-mail. I never expected it, but seeing this image actually brought tears in my eyes.
The kid is expected the 22nd of July. I can't wait!
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2005 has begun very positively....

Posted 01-04-2005 at 08:44 AM by Choupi
Being nice to others always is rewarded! I've posted the 2 pics of Gaston and Roger in their white dress, the ones I've posted in our pictures thread, in the Rogi forum, thinking the Rogi fans would like to see them, and they have been appreciated...But what's more interesting is that I've been contacted by an Argentine fan of Roger, who has offered her precious help to get infos, articles, interviews, pics for our site...She'll go to the BA tournament and will take some pics...she has a friend...
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Start of 2005

Posted 01-04-2005 at 01:20 AM by Adri
So, 2005... I'm starting to feel it. Spent the holidays in San Antonio with my parents and grandparents and some days in Valencia at my aunt's. The usual, but this year it was kind of boring at times.

Tennis season started today, they barely got any rest I think... but it's alright, I'm already suffering from a withdrawal.

Surely it was a bad way to start the year with the tsunami affecting the etire world... For those of you reading this and who may not know, here...
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Posted 01-03-2005 at 10:36 PM by damaged
he got a 1600.

that's great. really great. now he can go to Harvard or MIT or some prep ass college, while i'll be stuck here as a waitress with my measly 1520.

i'm not jealous at all. who cares a flip about some freaking dork? GOSH. dammit. i'm starting to sound like Napoleon. ha. i can end up doing independent films for MTV. i'd rather have social suicide than that.

all the lavishment when he's your brother,
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Happy New Year!

Posted 01-03-2005 at 05:29 PM by -SaFiinsBabY-
Hello all,

Now 2004 is over ... wish you good luck in the new year ... hope your dreams will come true ...
I spent New Year's Eve with my friends at home ... it was great!=)
Wanna see pics? - Write to me


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