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Finally a new entry!

Posted 02-23-2005 at 09:56 AM by SuperFurryAnimal

Finally a new blog entry here! I know you guys must have been waiting and waiting...

Since I don't have a lot of time to write about the last couple of weeks, here's just a little sum up.

* Last week I went to the ABN Amro WTT with Eruwen, which was really great! Not only did I meet some friends of MTF, including Lady Carlita and CooCooCachoo, I also got to be on a picture with Rainer finally! I haven't scanned it...
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some junk...

Posted 02-23-2005 at 06:11 AM by J. Corwin
I don't know why but I'm eating this stinky pile of's the only real food I have here right now without reaching into the frozen food section.

I signed up for a study group for my marx/weber/whatever class..but only cuz the prof. put my name down in one and I didn't want to say no when she got to me...

Food food! that's what I'm gonna get tomorrow

Holly invited me to a dance at this place her frat friends rented out...but then failed...
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Dani Won!

Posted 02-22-2005 at 11:41 PM by -ernie-
Well today was my last day of ISS!!! Today has been a real nice day they weather is starting to warm up and it is pouring rain . Daniela Hantuchova def. Maggie Maleeva 4-6 6-4 6-3 today and i am SOOOO happy!!!! She plays Elena Bovina next round! Well Not much else to say really ill add more TOMORROEW!
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That idiot of a George W. woke me up this morning!

Posted 02-22-2005 at 05:55 PM by Hagar
I woke up this morning by the noise of what at first seemed to be a HUGE bumblebee that was circling above the center of Brussels. After a while I realized that it was a helicopter, presumably checking what was happening on the ground in view of George W.'s visit to the headquarters of the European Commission.
The last hour of my sleep, between 7 and 8 in the morning is sacred for me but I did not manage to sleep again as the heli kept humming above my head. Were they checking in on me?...
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just so you know!

Posted 02-22-2005 at 01:47 AM by Éowyn
Not that anyones likely to care much but for anyone who does i figured i'd let ya know I may not be online the next couple of days! i'm going to see simple plan in birmingham and london and i'm not sure if i can get home between the 2 gigs if i can then this post is pointless coz i'll be here but if i can't then yeah obviously i won't be on!

simple plan here i come
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