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some info on me

Posted 03-01-2005 at 12:45 AM by Éowyn
So i figured due to the increasing number of terrible results to my quiz I would post the answers to one of the survey things I did on LJ, so people can know at least something about me

Name: JJ
Age: 24
POB: Luton
Birthday: 29th Jan
Year: every year
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Currently Blonde but naturally brown it changes alot
Do You Like Tattoos: yeps
Do You Have Any: 7 of em
Do You Like Piercings: yeps...
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Figure Skating

Posted 02-28-2005 at 05:35 PM by Sandra
I had to do an english paper about Winter so I ended up writing about figure skating.I like it very much here it is:
Winter -the name of one of my dearest songs...3 years ago,Salt Lake City,USA,winter olympics...Alexei Yagudin,a figure skater,my favorite figure skater back then and in my opinion the best of all time,skated his short program on a sensitive,beautiful and sad song called Winter..It was in my opinion and in some of the judges a perfect program,2 minutes...
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Monday again, Lunes otra vez..................

Posted 02-28-2005 at 04:48 PM by Denaon
What an unusual summer morning this is. I had to wear something to warm me cause it's kinda cold today in BA.
I got early to the office (that's unusual too ) and got into some paper work...boring stuff. (As I write this, I start my lunch break at work )
I am not supposed to use internet at work, this might get me into trouble.
But I don't care.......It comes to a certain age or stage of someone's life (or at least to mine) that you just simply don't care....
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Upcoming Events In the Life Of....

Posted 02-28-2005 at 03:24 PM by sigmagirl91
Coming up on my personal calendar:

Spring Break-March 14-18. March 15 is my b-day. I don't have any idea how I'll celebrate, other than rest and relax.

Kentucky Women Writer's Conference: March 25-27: I just got word that Candace Bushnell, the author of "Sex and the City", is coming to Lexington for the conference. And...a spinoff from the last conference, there will be a "Writer's Block", a showcase of Kentucky artists in areas throughout...
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Posted 02-28-2005 at 12:32 PM by Sandra

After 3 weeks i am back,hope u guy missed me .My computer was down i never wanna go through that again i cudnt even listen to music or see my photoes.Now I just found out (well a couplle of weeks ago)that in 2 weeks from now I am leaving to Egypt,I was a bit upset at the beginig cause i tought i might lose the Figure skating WC,but I am fine now I know they have cable tv there...

I went shopping yesterday and i found...
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