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Davis Cup Round One

Posted 03-03-2005 at 11:14 PM by Carlita
OMFG! tomorrow it's first round of the DC. Okay....great! BUT why on earth do I feel nervous about Spain/Slovakia?! I would like to hope there's no need!

Seems that my "little" man is going to play doubles with Albert.... well, looking like this: I wouldn't select him for singles duty either! naaaah, Rafa's sweet

these 2 get to play singles:
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MAKE MY DAY (mwahhh)

Posted 03-03-2005 at 08:45 PM by MissFairy
i love today.
i love it.
it rocked my world.

and partly because of some of you guys on here, you're so lovely to me when im down.
i really appreciate it

you know which posters im talking about, i just wanna say i care and

and heres a little something for you few people

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Wednesday, 3/2.

Posted 03-03-2005 at 02:48 AM by Leena
[center]I had a boring day at work today. I walked in. Boss plopped a bunch of papers in front of me. I typed a lot. Didn't even finish, which is a rarity. Came home. End.

I need to end this data entry job... it's just so damn boring. The pay is decent, but I can't stand doing this all the time.

I won't find out about my possible new job for another couple weeks, probably. Sigh. I'd be working in a computer lab... which would consist of playing online 90% of the time, fixing the printer when it breaks, and telling n00bs how to log in. And pretty damn good pay for it too.

I'm still sad about the death of my PS2. For those who don't know, I've had nothing but problems with the damn thing for the past few months. Constant Disk Read Errors... and I had to go inside the thing, and clean the lens nearly every week. Then, while I was playing, everything froze and I smelt burning. The motor died. End PS2. I could probably get it fixed, but fuck it. I loved the PS2, but the piece of shit breaks for nearly everyone. So, I'm getting an Xbox tomorrow, so I can play Topspin online with Andrew, and Nadlo, and Dave maybe. Yay.

I hate being so antisocial. I'm always horny, but I don't talk to any boys. I ignore everyone. I'm like the worst person alive. And the sad thing is that I have no want to talk to anyone. I must be weird or something. I'd rather come home, go online for 20 hours, then go out and get drunk. I'm awful.

I don't know what else.

Mimi is acting weird today. I think something scared her again. Probably another centipede. Poor Mimi. I hate when she gets all jumpy. Then, she runs around and bites my feet a lot. And when I try to make her feel better... bites. Oh well.

That's all. Bye.


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March Madness, Part 1

Posted 03-02-2005 at 01:39 PM by sigmagirl91
March usually signals the end of that horrid bad weather that marks January and February. This year has been unique, in that where I live wasn't ravaged by snow-unlike the areas that many posters with whom I communicate live. I love it and I hate it.

Also, basketball season is on the upswing. Here, basketball is not just a sport; it's a religion, and Kentucky basketball can literally divide families and cause riots. This particular portion of the season finds us in tournament...
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My blog sucks.

Posted 03-02-2005 at 03:39 AM by Leena
[center]Do I ever add anything worthwhile here?

I have no idea what to babble on about.

I hate talking to people.

So, someone give me ideas.

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