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Posted 03-06-2005 at 03:59 PM by savesthedizzle
Oh wow... I bet 100 on ANBICIC/the PLUMBERS to beat the Beastly Brothers last night in doubles. Totally expecting to lose it... except they totally came through for me Good thing I told Mary to bet all $23 she had on them too. lol.

I loved Ljubicic and Ancic before... but now it's like Don't tell Esther...

First we all loved Addey's man... now the new trend is Esther's... lol. Look for a huge influx of Mario icons on LiveJournal in...
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Posted 03-06-2005 at 03:15 PM by knight_ley

Germany's hero today was none other than Rainer!!!!!

He played so strong and never let up!

I'm so proud of him!!!!!!!

Kiwi did not play because he did not feel fresh, and it turned out to be a great decision!!!!!!

Great job Germany!!!
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Posted 03-06-2005 at 02:40 PM by zoltan83
Damn... I just learn that there is a modification in our schedule at uni.
I'll go classes this Monday and Wednesday 'till 8.15 pm
It sucks (especially Wednesday) And it's compulsory classes so I have to go.

Week-end is nearly over and I did nothing for uni...I'll start next week (how many times did I say that in my life lol).Anyway, I don't have choice because I've to present my work Wednesday so.

I'm bored and most of my friends...
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Almost back to school!

Posted 03-06-2005 at 01:36 PM by Micca
Oohh, I can't believe my holidays are almost over! Tomorrow I have to go back to school! Don't feel like it! GIVE ME ANOTHER WEEK!
Kinda bored this last day though! Just like most other days this week .. One day I have A LOT to do, and the next day I am bored again .. I haven't even been to Daphne's which is kinda surprising!

Ooh .. I gotta go now! I'm watching the Schalken game and it's soooooo EXCITING! I haaaave to see it! And my dad needs...
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Posted 03-06-2005 at 05:28 AM by Leena
[center]I hate talking about myself. I don't want anyone to know how I feel. Even though I enjoy blabbing a lot. I'm complex.

Anyway, time to talk about Mimi.

Currently, she's running around my room like the normal freak she is, chasing twist ties and those little plastic things when you open gallons of milk.

Then, she loves carrying them on my bed, and playing with them for 5 seconds while her mind gets preoccupied with running around some more, and biting my feet as her way of reminding me to feed her.

Then, when I go to sleep... I lay down on all her shit, and BAD KITTY! ensues. But, she looks at me with her big eyes... I go to snuggle... she tolerates it for 5 seconds before crawling away for her life so she can go back to running around and trying to bulldoze her way through my locked door so she can bug me while I'm sleeping and beg for food.

I still love Mimi, though. I don't know how I'd be without her. Probably even more bitter than I am now. She's like having a baby, without all the bullshit responsibilites of having a real baby. And I don't get fat and ugly either. And I don't have some piece of shit father who'd just leave me anyway after he realizes I'm a huge slut that's addicted to sex with random guys. But, such is life.

I don't even have decent online friends. Most of them think I'm worthless shit that can't be trusted. I mean, they're obviously right, but it would be nice if I could believe that they're not lying when they say they like me. Like Andrew. He talks to me all the time, and he doesn't like me at all. I should block him. And whoever else. I don't care. I'm so antisocial that it's disturbing.

At least WOOT is fun. And my next job, too. Guess that's something to look forward to.

I've babbled enough. Late night babbling is fun.

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