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Maria, Tina, and Kimmy!! Day One at IW

Posted 03-08-2005 at 02:49 PM by star

I wasted all morning with the computer guy, and my computer still has the same problem tonight, even though it appeared to be fixed this morning.

Long story short: I missed getting to the site first thing in the morning, and I felt a bit rushed and discombobulated all the rest of the day. I never felt I was in sync with the matches etc.

First the bad news, and for those of you who love the outer courts it really kind of sucks. First,...
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Pizda li vam materina

Posted 03-07-2005 at 11:51 PM by GoranIvanisevic546346
o jebemti mater
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My dandy day with GEPA's and heart doctors appointment

Posted 03-07-2005 at 10:52 PM by andyroxmysox12191
Today we had the science part of the GEPAs..4 parts (each section had 15 or 16 multiple choice and one open ended) and only 20 minutes to do each one. Science is one of my weakest points on standerized tests cause it's everything you learned from 3rd/4th grade on and then you don't learn it again so I end up forgetting as usual. I guess it went well. I probably messed up on some ?s and I didn't get some of the open ended ones. What the hell is aerogel? Do they expect me to know this stuff? lol....
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OMG! I have a new job! I'm actually gonna watch TV tonight! Stuff is ensuing!

Posted 03-07-2005 at 04:48 PM by Leena
[center]Ladies and Gentlemen, a huge rarity is occurring tonight. Instead of spending another pathetic night of my life trolling on the internet, I'll actually be glued to my television!

For anyone who knows me, I HATE TV. I never watch it. I think the last primetime sitcom I've watched was The Simpsons like 5 years ago. Except for tennis, I don't want anything.

But tonight, is a special night.

First, not just one of my former colleges, but TWO are playing in conference tournies tonight.

UB (where I spent about a month at :p) plays some scrub team in the 1st round of the MAC tourney. I assume UB is gonna win that rather easily. Infact, I'm not even sure if we're getting it televised. Then, probably blow it in the QF's in Cleveland against some good team. But, meh. UB isn't supposed to win anyway! We're the top D1 scrub team in the land! We're a college known for having drunken parties!

Then, NIAGARA plays in the MAAC final, and is actually the favorite! I actually completed a few early courses there, and LOVED it. I just couldn't afford to go there for a degree, even with the scholarships I had. Infact, if I felt like going for my Bachelor's... Niagara is the place I'd go.

Anyway, they play Rider or something in the final... and BETTER NOT FUCKING BLOW IT. They beat Iona in the Sf, who was probably playing the best ball coming into the tourney, so the Purple Eagles should win. Just like Canisius should have won a few years ago against Fairfield. Sigh.

What's with the faggy names for the college teams here anyway? Purple Eagles? Golden Griffins? And the worst... the Bonnies? Gah. Whatever, though.

It's extremely rare that any local Western New York teams make the tourney. The only team in my lifetime was St. Bonaventure making it a few years ago, and fucking choking against Kentucky in the 1st round. OMG, I broke so much shit when they lost that game. Also, Canisius made it like 10 years ago, and got annihilated by Utah.

Even if Niagara makes it... they haven't had the best season. Probably looking at a 14 or 15 seed, and getting destroyed by Duke by about 50... but, that doesn't matter. Just having a hometown team in the tourney is so much fun. I wish college bball had some good teams here. It's such a blast.

Then... it's the season premiere of Cheap Seats. Cheap Seats is like Mystery Theatre 3000 whatever, but has to do with sports. Any show where people make fun of everything is my kind of show. I hope it doesn't suck. It's the only show I still watch occasionally.

Oh, and I already got accepted for my new job as a "Technical Assistant". I start next Monday. The competition was very stiff... since they didn't even interview me. They didn't even talk to me on the phone. I got an e-mail saying I have the job. Well, that works for me. Cushy jobs own. And it's a county job. Thus, uber-cush.

Well, that's all. I'm probably gonna play a little tennis, then do whatever.

I'm actually in a great mood today. I'm scared.

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Posted 03-07-2005 at 12:57 PM by savesthedizzle
So much love for Croatia right now. Totally loving the Plumbers... they kind of rock my world. I don't even feel like a bad American anymore. I know I'm a bad American. I hate my government and our tennis players. It's not my fault.... look at them!

I hope my Spanish boys do well at Indian Wells. Can Juan Carlos please just win two matches in a row? It's a crazy idea, I know.

My midterm today went alright. Art is fairly easy anyways. I love art. I wish I...
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