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Posted 03-10-2005 at 08:16 PM by sigmagirl91
OK, it's mid-terms. I just took one in my teaching class today. Yuck, ick, patooey, grrrr.....hate mid-terms...they're the devil. I have another one in less than an hour that I haven't studied for. Yes....see that 4.0 take a nose dive.

Oh, and yeah...I have my interview on Mar. 30 at 9am for the Teacher Ed. Program...happy, happy, joy, joy......

I teach when I come back from Spring Break, and I am reasonably ready. I have almost everything done, but I have to finalize...
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Day Three: Kimmy!!

Posted 03-10-2005 at 02:50 AM by star
Day Three.

This wasn’t such an exciting day as yesterday. There was only one match I wanted to be sure to see, and a lot of players I wanted to get a look at. So I just went from match to match and got little peeks at a lot of players. I did see Kim’s match from beginning to end, unfortunately, that entailed me seeing more of the Irvin/Granville match than I wanted.

[gossip] The word around the tennis site was that Safin broke several rackets while practicing...
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Rumours or truth?

Posted 03-09-2005 at 09:30 PM by SuperFurryAnimal
Hi there

Well, as most of you know, there's been some changes in my life last couple of weeks. I've recently had a date with a certain guy you all know. It was quite a succes, this date. We seem to have a lot in common. I didn't know you could have that much in common with someone. I will be seeing him again this weekend and I'm very much looking forward to it.

On this very nice thread called 'Which poster would you like to date?' in the non tennis section,...
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Some Shout-Outs

Posted 03-09-2005 at 08:23 PM by sigmagirl91
I'm going to devote this space today to a few people:

Jazz_girl , who completed her bachelor's degree, with honors I think. Congrats, Jazz, and I did good rep you. And thanks to you and Rosie for the translations.
Rosie, who is striking out and doing the thing she wants to do. Rosie, you'll be fine. We have your back. And don't let the haters get you down.

And, I also want to send special greetings to bovenbuuf , who, along with myself, is pursuing a teacher's...
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Posted 03-09-2005 at 06:44 PM by Nymeria
As most of you might have noticed, I changed my nick. No more Legolas, but Chiudi-fan. But I should change the name of the blog as well now. No idea for a name though
Should think about it... and now I'm not going to put Marco's name in the blogname
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