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Posted 11-07-2005 at 10:54 AM by Sugar Kane
Sssssssssstupidd Lube Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know....

Posted 11-07-2005 at 05:48 AM by squirtkb97
....I said colds suck, but I'm adding coughs to that list too. And earaches.

I hate being sick.
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Good wishes to my beloved Nole

Posted 11-07-2005 at 03:59 AM by savesthedizzle
I would like to use this blog today to send special thoughts and good wishes to my dear boy Novak Djokovic today as some Italian surgeon attacks his nose to help his breathing.

Get well soon my love. Ana is waiting to kick your ass in Belgrade!
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a BIG hug...

Posted 11-07-2005 at 02:36 AM by PaulieM
FOR IVAN....he needs it

anyway i'm tired, so i won't write much. few short points about what's been happening in my life:
1. a)got free tickets for the advanta final from someone on wtaworld
which was awesome.
b) i pretended i was 16 and got a free racquet (a long story but
basically i wanted to spite this old lady )
c) amelie won so yay
d) i took lots of pics, i don't...
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Paris Surprise

Posted 11-07-2005 at 01:55 AM by Noelle
Ivan Ljubicic all but had the Paris Masters title in the bag. He had gotten to the final of the previous Masters event in Madrid, where he was up two sets to love before dropping the last three sets and succumbing to Rafael Nadal. Although he exited Lyon the next week in the first round, he had had a stellar run in Paris, having just dismissed Andy Roddick in the semifinal.

The good run young unseeded Tomas Berdych was having garnered less exposure. In the end, however, it was he...
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