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coldplay 2

Posted 01-31-2006 at 05:43 PM by rosespower
The Hardest Part"

And the hardest part
Was letting go, not taking part
Was the hardest part

And the strangest thing
Was waiting for that bell to ring
It was the strangest start

I could feel it go down
Bittersweet, I could taste in my mouth
Silver lining the cloud
Oh and I
I wish that I could work it out

And the hardest part
Was letting go, not taking part
You really...
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why can't a title be less than 5 characters

Posted 01-31-2006 at 04:16 PM by freesbee

I did a great job at the oral exam today!!! Well the exam was a piece of cake, so it wasn't just me she didn't even ask vocabulary while I learnt it by heart the whole weekend
well I can look 'forward' to the next one now, which is also my last one... English literature. And then I can finally relax for a bit without having to worry about anything.

I'm really happy about the exam today, but I feel like crap though I always have...
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Posted 01-31-2006 at 04:00 PM by Eléa
Am i becoming invisible? it seems that nobody sees me. My feeling of loneliness grows up day after day. I more and more wonder why i'm so generous and careful with people whereas i have almost nothing in return.
Too much so-called friends around me who say they would call me and never did (or writte), too much friends who don't want to understand i'm not fine, too much people who doesn't know how to say a simple "thank you" and prefer ignoring me properly.
What about my dear...
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in seventh heaven...

Posted 01-31-2006 at 10:01 AM by Mrs. B
YES!!!!! ROGER WON HIS 7TH SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those tears of joy and relief brought tears to my eyes too, Roger. I even bawled!!!! Du bist ein Schatz!
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RG trip update

Posted 01-31-2006 at 09:32 AM by Choupi
Well, things aren't going the way we wanted for RG. The tennis Club with which we went last year didn't get enough ppl to fill a bus so it has been cancelled. That was plan A. Plan B consists of finding, and very fast, another Club that organizes such transportation. I'm waiting for an answer which should be given by the end of the week. If plan B doesn't work, we'll book our tickets and will drive on our own, by car. It's gonna be very tiring as you have to take into account the 6 hours trip to...
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