One helluva busy week! Working, partying, dating and the like! -
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One helluva busy week! Working, partying, dating and the like!

Posted 03-09-2005 at 04:54 PM by

I guess I am still recovering from the week that was.
My life is just going from one extreme to another. Gone are the days I could spend 14 hours on mtf. Instead I find myself rushing through the week, hoping to be able to get enough sleep to cope.

Anyway, last week was just another one of those. Started working on tuesday, and worked wednesday and thursday as well. I worked at catering at a big horse jumping event. Selling them food and drinks, mostly beer. It attracted a rather mixed crowd, consisting of either well-off civilized people, or well-off agrarians! (I hope I am not offending any farmers here). The latter group were the most rude clients I've ever had. They were insulting, rude, noisy and obviuosly didn't have their blatter control functioning properly, as some of them have been spotted urinating under tables and in the plants.
On thursday, after a 10 hour workday, I picked up my friends and we drove to Utrecht, my second home town, for a party. This party lasted a while longer than expected and I finally hit the bed at 7 am. (There's a picture of me after the party in the Picture Thread, lol)
The next day I was free, well sort of. That friday was a big day for me in fact, as I had a blind date with a certain lady. We had planned to go out for dinner in Amsterdam. I spent the whole week looking forward to this meeting, but as the appointment grew nearer I started feeling a bit nervous. Luckily, we recognized each other easily and we found the restaurant (almost) straight away. It felt a bit uncomfortable at first, meeting each other in real life for the first time, and the place was very noisy so it was hard to understand each other. Yet, once we had ordered our meals and made a toast to a good night, the tension was out of the air.
We must have stayed in the restaurant for about 5 hours, chatting about anything ranging from the biggest nonsense to our most important personal issues. It was clear for me straight away that that night was special and that this girl was very special to me too. We said goodbye at the station after nearly missing the train and we made plans to meet again next week.
Took the train to Utrecht and got into the car to drive to my parents' house in Zwolle, which is where I work as well. Unfortunately, it had been snowing that night and I was able to drive only really slow. It took me forever to get home, and after only 3 hours of sleep my alarm rang and I somehow dragged myself to work again.
Somehow I survived this busy, busy week and I even managed to catch up on some much required sleep now!
Right now, I am very comfy at home, having a night off after a friend postponed our appointment to have dinner. Think I will watch a movie, read a book, drink some wine, you know the good life . And I will be looking forward to next saturday as well, when I will meet my date again!

I will keep you updated on how it goes!


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    Re: One helluva busy week! Working, partying, dating and the like!

    So you are dating as well! How cool! I hope you can keep us informed on the developments with this special girl!
    Posted 03-09-2005 at 09:21 PM by SuperFurryAnimal SuperFurryAnimal is offline

    Re: One helluva busy week! Working, partying, dating and the like!

    ...gee....u shd take care of yourself or u're gonna in that picture of yours..and without alcohol ;)...then u risk getting run over by horses :p...hope ur saturday date goes well!!!!!!
    Posted 03-10-2005 at 12:22 PM by PennyThePenguin
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