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What a shitty day

Posted 11-16-2006 at 10:34 AM by

For quite a while now my nanna's age has been catching up on her. She is 87 now and she keeps having strange turns where she does strange things. I'd say it's probably very much dementia related and it's really sad. Dad has been ringing her twice a day to make sure she is ok but she lives about 2 hours away and it's hard to look after her. He goes to stay with her about once a month but her needs are getting bigger and bigger. Recently she's started getting Meals on Wheels and a lady coming to visit twice a day to make sure all is ok.

Today dad rang her and she didn't answer, so he rang the lady that goes to visit and on the way to the house she found her walking aimlessly around the street with her pyjamas dragging behind her. She has been put into a nursing home for 3 days so she can be looked after, but it seems she is going to have to move to one permanently very soon.

Then when dad rang his sister to update her on the news, she told him that she had even more important things to worry about because her son Matthew (who of course is my cousin) has just found out he has bone cancer in his jaw. I haven't seen Matthew for quite a few years because he moved to Canberra with his wife, but it is still a big shock and has me very worried.
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    Re: What a shitty day

    aww that's gotta be pretty harsh on your family .

    My grandma passed away earlier this year, she didn't went trhough anything you're describing, it makes me feel better to realise she didn't have to go through any of that.

    Hope things can improve, even though I know it won't be easy
    Posted 11-16-2006 at 05:05 PM by merce merce is offline

    Re: What a shitty day

    Oh Peta

    My grandfather passed away about 5 months ago now and it was really tough. He died of cancer

    I hope you are ok
    Posted 11-16-2006 at 05:42 PM by NeverSayDie NeverSayDie is offline
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