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the airspray mystery...

Posted 01-30-2006 at 11:19 PM by

ok so this is really really stupid but it's driving me insane. every single time that my roommate walks into our living room she takes out this giant can of air freshener with a nasty strong floral scent and sprays half the can. and i have no clue why. at first i thought it was because i was making dinner(although she does it even when nobody's been cooking), but i made salmon and spinach with nothing on it, which is basically one of the least smelly things you can cook. plus she's been in here cooking charred broccoli all year long, which stinks up the room for hours(people can smell it out in the hall) yet that's never called for the spray fest. i have no clue what it's about. if she just likes air freshener then for christ's sake just buy one of those time released plug-in things so you don't have the overpowering odor of toilet spray type stuff for hours. i have major allergy and nasal issues, and man this is all making my poor nose have a cow.
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