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Posted 03-13-2007 at 04:41 AM by

It's a total collapsed of the brain

Paulo lost to Nalby 7-6, 2-6, 0-6

Star Sport's commentators jinxed Paulo badly yesterday

Paulo noticed how the balls were different. Well, there are two brands used for men and women matches. The ball boys got them mixed up. Nalby didn't ever know

It was a bad loss. But he played really well in the first set Many great winners including the one around the post. I've never doubt that he has the fighting ability but I doubt whether it was there when he needed the most.

Against Fish, he knew he had a shot because it was close and he knew Fish was getting tight. But against Nalby, after losing the BP in the 1st game of 2nd set... he just lost the will to play --- almost like he's ready to give up. He fell back to a bad attitude he usually had and the fact that the fist pumps were gone proved just that.

I used to have a tennis coach in the US. He told me 'what to expect in a match' instead of 'the plan to play'.
He said, "I won't tell you exactly how to play each players. Because that way, if your opponent has done something different -- You're going to freak out and get upset with yourself because the plan doesn't work. I'm going to tell you what your opponent is capable of. And I'll tell you how to deal with all the possibilities." Evidently, the plan yesterday was to attack the 2nd serve, and attack Nalby's FH. But obviously, it wasn't good enough. And Paulo was so upset by it. He couldn't come up with a better idea, simply because he didn't have one

I really believe that Paulo still has the ability to reach Top 30 or even 20. He is a good player. But he has his own issue which he must figure it out. I really wish he would just wake up one day and know what to do with himself.

**Plz, make the most of your talent, Paulo
I only want to see you happy
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