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Thailand Open 2006 : Jarkko!!!!!

Posted 09-28-2006 at 06:21 PM by

On my way back home...

I saw Andy Murray, Brad (his coach) and Vijah (former pro and commentator) at Starbucks...

I got a cup of coffee and when they're about to leave...
I went to Andy and asked... "Andy, can I have a picture with you?????"

Well, he was nice... very nice indeed!

But the porblem was that I had no one to take a pic for me SO I asked Brad to do the honor!

Me: Brad, can you take a pic of me and Andy?
Brad: Sure... but how can I do this thing?
Me: (It's a phone cam btw.) Just press the center bottom
Brad: Oh, okay
Andy: The other way around!!!! (smiling)
Brad: Oh, sure. I'm not very smart witht he phone!
(Well, he turned the camera on himself. Pretty funny!)

Then the other girl walked in. Also asked Brad to take a pic for her...

And Brad did it again!!!!! He faced the camera to himself. We all told him "The OTHER WAY AROUND!!"

Brad was like, you can see I'm not very good at it.

I think I heard him say that he was silly or sth!

Great stuff


I went Impact Arena where the matches are underway...

Got a NORMAL ticket today since I didn't see the person who gave me the VIP one!
Anyway, it didn't matter much cos I went to court no.1 where VIP means NOTHING!

The good thing about this court is the fact that it's so small and I could sit behind Marat and smell him!!
Nah... I wasn't that silly!

Well, the first match I watched was Jarkko's doubles match. I have to say that Jarkko is very cute. He has a weird Finnish look, still... I like him!

BUT!!!! He is THE BEST in one particular catagory...


OH YES!!!!

Jarkko's butt is the BEST!!!

Seriously, it just that I couldn't help but notice how firm and great in term of its shape! It wasn't too small or too big like Nadal And Marat just can't compare to Jarrko in this catagory! NO WAY!

No one else comes close!!!!

He wore a white short with white UNDERWARE. And the undy is quite small if you ask me! I mean it only covered half of his CUTE BUTT! (that's how much time I contributed to his lower part! )

JARKKO!!!!! I LOVE YOUR @$$!!!!!!

I have to admit that I stared at his butt for most of the match! Opssy!
don't tell his wife!


*still dreaming about Jarkko!*

I didn't have the ticket for Center Court in the day session so I have to hang around at court 1.
Turned out it was pretty amazing!

I saw Rainer (can't NEVER spell his surname) lost to a guy from Germany who I thought suppoesed to be Russian! His name prenounce sth like Zer-Rev. The "V" ending said it all!!

The Zer-Rev guy was CUTE... very cute actually. Didn't bother take any pic of him though... thought I should save my mmc for Marat! (my bad...)

Rainer and his coach seemed to talk a lot during the match! I thought they were coaching!!! I was thinking about telling the umpire about it, but the guy was losing and I'm a nice girl so I let him got away with it!

Gosh, Marat and Feli vs A and J Murray is next on court!!!!!!
I can't help but being so excited to see these guys... UP CLOSE!!

The Murray Bros arrived first... Jamie, I have to say, is way more normal than Andy!
I mean his figure is just like a typial cute Scottish... unlike Andy who I think has a typical tennis player look!
*A defination of typical tennis player look -- Weird... but attractive!*

I took some of their pics but weren't clear enough to prove my point that Jamie is REALLY cute!
Shame on ME!!!!

Then came the moment, I saw MARAT walking to the court... he was, hmm, not so big like I image he would be.
I mean he didn't look 1.92 m. tall to me!? Maybe he's too thin for his height?
And the new hair cut... not my fav, dude!

And then Feliciano "WTA Player" Lopez came in! He was really pretty! His hair was actually better than mine!! (And my hair DOES look okay!) He must have spent hours on it! I envy you, pretty boy!

Oh, and Feli's arms are quite small! I think it's strange... or maybe my mind compared them to Nadal's arms!

The match was a one-way-trafic... The Murray Bros obviously played with more determination. Marat'd just won his singles match against Juien (Another Cute Frenchie) not more than an hour ago so I think Marat just wanted to get back to his suite!

Not much about tennis. I only care about taking pictures and breathing the same air as Marat!
Took tons of pics that my battery ran out twice!

Got 2 clear shots of Marat after the match while somebody actually steped on my feet!!!!

People, the fans, were strangly crazy about Marat. I mean, the screaming and the stepping on my feet just to get his autograph proved it!

Murray Bros won the match... easily! But a person sat next to me, annoyed me all throught the match!!
This is why I HATE to be a NVIP = NOT a Very Important Person!!!!!

Feli, and the Murray Bros went off the court quickly. But Marat stayed a little longer to give out an autograph. He must have been tired so I didn't want to bother him. *And I've already breathe the same air as he did for an hour!! *

After that, I went to the shirt-printing booth. Ordered 3 shirts which I'll have to pick up tomorrow...
2. My Definition of Tennis... Paul-Henri Mathieu
3. CLAYMATE (for my sister )

total 150x3 bath

Also went to see P'dorn played... what a crappy performance! I can't believe he won. And I also can't believe that anyone cares about him! Well, my anyone means the whole stadium there!

Oh, and the seat... the NOT VIP SEAT was SUCKS!!!
Everyone just walked in and out.The space was so small. I HATE N V I P ! !

The Russian guy who played P'dorn was playing some great tennis But the crowds weren't appreciate him that much...


**Again, I have a great time at the tourney. I was sleepy, sick cos of a flu and tired from many exams BUT Jarkko made my day!

------ Jarkko is slowly becoming my new fav! I asked for a pic with him while he was about to leave the court. But he was SOOOOOO SUPERRRR DUPPPERRRR NICE! to stop and GAVE a BIG SMILE for our pic together!

Besides his butt, his smile is gorgously gorgous!

Tonight, I'll be dreaming about his BUTT... I'm sure of it!

Dude, seriously, the undy only covered half of his butt!!! My (parent's) money WORTH IT!

I'm so happy!
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