How can I stop the time going fast? -
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How can I stop the time going fast?

Posted 12-01-2004 at 05:15 PM by

First of all thanks for your messages CooCooCachoo and Ste
My mood has been quite good yesterday and today, but I'm still a bit doubtful about next year. May is coming closer and closer, but all people say I should not be afraid for my work placement.
To reply on the message of Ste. Why I had a bad year is not something what I talk about in public, but I had quite a lot of problems at home which made me feel reall sad. But at the end it did get better than in the beginning. So I'm sure next year will be much better.
So it's December 1 today, just a few night sleeping and finally it's Saint Nicholas day. Really looking forward to then and glad that I can change my avatar again on sundayevening
I expect that as always this time of the year will go fast. On 5 december saint nicholas day, just a few weeks left and the christmas holiday starts. The day I have to go back to school again, January 10, is my birthday... I wouldn't mind to skip my birthday this year. I don't like it that my age will start with a 2 soon... I've always hated it to become older, would love it to go back to the age of 16 again. But well life says you get older and not younger. After my birthday May gets really really close, so that's another reason not to look forward to my birthday. But enough about that.
I had a good day today, and I want to keep my good mood the rest of the week

Well thanks for reading (again) Love,

Elf obsessed girl

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    Re: How can I stop the time going fast?

    love ya! if only you could change your sigs :p
    Posted 12-09-2004 at 08:49 PM by babkonzerv
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