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Posted 11-27-2004 at 06:19 PM by

So I can have a blog here. I can leave messages for you about me or my mood or whatever I think is intresting?! Well I guess this blog will be kinda boring then
So don't expect too much of it, I just wanted to give it a try.

So do you know who I actually am? I guess some people think I'm male, just because my nick Legolas. But as the name of the blog says... I'm a girl. Maybe I'm not supposed to call me a girl, coz I should say a young lady, but well I prefer to say I ama girl
Another thing... you might think I'm from Finland... but no, that would be a dream for me, but no I am from the (boring) Netherlands. So please don't start talking in Finnish to me, coz I wouldn't understand you!
What else could I tell you about me? Well I think this was more important. Well you might like to know that I am 19 years old and am not looking forward to the day I become 20. And for those who want to know my name, please call me Yvo.

So now you know who I am I can say a bit more about my mood. My mood is a bit strange lately. Some days my mood is really good, and I'm just 'jumping around' all the time and posting lot of bouncing smileys. But at once my mood can change to really bad without any reason. I guess this all belongs to terrible year I had and I'm sure everything will be better next year. At the moment my mood is not bad, not good. I'm a bit tired, might sound strange but I woke up too late this morning and that always makes me tired.

Well that's it for now.... this message might change, so if you like it please visit this blog again. Is there anything you would like to say or to ask, please leave a message or send me a pm....

~ * Legolas aka Yvo * ~
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