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public transport and its mutants

Posted 11-12-2006 at 09:07 PM by

Hi my lovelies, how goes it? I hope you're well/happy/smiling etc.

It's officially cold. I really really dislike the winter. I mean, i don't mind so much wearing layers, coats and scarves (it's FUN to accessorise actually ) but all the greyness and drizzle, the wind and the early sunsets, really bring my mood down sometimes. Not in a really dramatic way lol but i just much prefer it when the sun is shining, and there's a pretty blue skyyyy.

I was watching some morning TV (yes, it was crap but i was lazing around the house not going to lectures ) when this guy was talking about how much he preferred living in his original small hometown to London. He said he couldn't abide the impersonal, cold city life that seems to exist here. He said that a lady sneezed on the tube, and he politely (and rightly) in what i spose, was a reflex response, said 'bless you' the woman turned to him and said 'thankyou, you're not from london, are you?' I just thought that was strange, but it's true. If i sneezed and someone said that to me, i wouldn't think it rude as such, but i would think of it as quite strange lol.

But i would MUCH prefer to meet a sweet polite man such as himself rather than some of the people i encounter on the tube. Some of these people, i think, left their manners tucked under their bed safe so no london mugger could get to them. I would like to kindly suggest they take it out and use them, because they annoy me so DAMN much. They barge people out of the way, and just are so inconsiderate. It drives me crazy. This man, suited and booted, probably in this late 20's early 30's barged me out of the way so he could get on the train first last week. He's obviously not heard of 'ladies first'

Anywho, needed to rant, sorry about that one,

Have a great week whatever you're doing
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    Re: public transport and its mutants

    london public transit is tame to some of the public transits here in the US, talking about sneezing, it would not shock me one bit if some bastard here unleashed some wet sneeze on me (b/c i did it once to my roommate in college at like 3am/4am when we were hanging out, lolololol, just sneezed all over him and he didn't care at all, since we were all out of it anyhow)...but, oh dear, you have to learn to love the cold, overcast, gloom and doom weather, it's actually quite lovely (to me, at least)
    Posted 03-11-2007 at 06:41 AM by jackieglover jackieglover is offline
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