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My grades :)

Posted 01-30-2006 at 06:43 PM by

I am sooooo happy with my grades! I did SO GOOD!
Here they are:
~ History: 5.5 (High for me )
~ Literature: 6.2 (Gonna do that again I think )
~ Spanish listening: 7.5
~ Spanish reading: 7.1 Was kinda disappointing, but okee!
~ French writing: 6.0 okee I guess

I could do a lot better, but this is GREAT! I felt so happy!
The upcoming 2/3 weeks are mostly tests and speaking exams.. I got Spanish, English and Dutch in 2 weeks .. Wish me luck!

The rest is going pretty okee too I'm really enjoying my free time with my friends, too bad I couldn't see Shane much
....... That's the reason we broke up today, after almost 6 weeks .. He wasn't paying much attention to me and I NEED ATTENTION! Especially for my boyfriend, if he doesn't live nearby It just wasn't working anymore .. He's just one of those guys who doesnt pay a lot of attention to 'his girl', and I don't want that!
I wasn't feeling 'it' anymore for almost a week now .. Didnt talk to him much and he wasnt really responsing to all my texts and mails and stuff .. So I just said we needed to talk it all out, because I had NO idea what our situation was like at this point
So this morning he sent me an email saying he thought it was best for us if we stayed friends .. And I kinda agreed .. Like I said, I wasnt feeling it anymore, I missed him! But he had no time to visit me and stuff .. I wanted to make myself believe we could fix it and nothing was wrong, but I didnt know how he thought about it .. And now I know, and we decided today ... that it's best for us if we stay friends ..
It hurts, but it's for the best .. I need attention and he can't give me that! I deserve someone whoe gives me that attention and maybe someone closer to home .. Too bad, because I like him a lot and still attracted to him, but I guess that'll fade away in time .. I can't stick with him forever.
I have no regrets whatsoever! I've been happy with him, and hadn't been that happy in a long time, but I gotta let go, move on!
He's just not the guy for me .. It'll take a while for me to find a guy who I can trust like him, but I'll find him
Satisfied now that we'v worked things out, but also disappointed because I really felt like things were going so good! We'll be friends now and let's see how things are going

Talk to ya soon! Got soooo many things to do School si driving me CRAZYYYY!!!!!
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    zoltan83's Avatar

    Re: My grades :)

    Good result! Congrats

    And yes, your french's result is ok...Enough for coming in the french forum on mtf
    Posted 01-31-2006 at 02:09 AM by zoltan83 zoltan83 is offline
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