Dear Diary: December 4, 2004. -
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Dear Diary: December 4, 2004.

Posted 12-05-2004 at 04:20 AM by

This is now my diary. Blog is such an ugly word. It sounds like stuff that comes out of your nose.


I played tennis today with some friends. They were mean to me, because they're better than me. Taking advantage of my female weakness. Fuckers. I still serve harder though. Take my aces with a smile.

[b][u]CHRISTMAS AND MIMI[/b][/u]

I put up my miniature Christmas tree today... and shock of shocks, little Mimi loves it and keep swatting at it like it's special little toy. Bad Mimi. For anyone who's reading... Mimi is my little munchkin kitty. She's very small and breathtakingly cute. And she always gets in trouble. Bad Mimi.

[b][u]I NEED PS2 GAMES[/b][/u]

Please buy me some for Christmas. My PS2 is the only thing that makes me happy, well besides Mimi. I loathe all people.


Especially since I don't care about men's tennis. Maybe I should try to.

The End.

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    zoltan83's Avatar

    Re: Dear Diary: December 4, 2004.

    Agree! Diary is better than the word blog.

    Good for you serve... And you'll kick your friends ass in the future.
    Posted 12-05-2004 at 07:31 PM by zoltan83 zoltan83 is offline
    Wednesday Addams's Avatar

    Re: Dear Diary: December 4, 2004.

    Hi, Mimi!
    Leena I've given up trying to make people understand and/or accept me ages ago...... U keep explaining yourself but end up NOT being yourself.....
    Screw everybody that doesn't have the brains to realise ppl can't fit into simple, neat categories like 'funny' 'nice' 'cool' 'nasty' 'bitch' etc. Complexity is hard to grasp for most.

    Good luck with Ur tennis!
    Posted 12-17-2004 at 09:07 PM by Wednesday Addams Wednesday Addams is offline
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