Indian Wells Day 1 for me -
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Indian Wells Day 1 for me

Posted 03-12-2008 at 02:29 AM by
Updated 03-17-2008 at 07:48 AM by Lee

I arrived Indian Wells at about 11am. Men's quali matches started at 10am and Schuettler's match was 2nd on court 7, so I went directly to the tennis center. No entrance fee for today but there's $10 for parking and no re-entry

When I arrived in court 7, Igor was just about finished the match 6-1 6-3. Since it's more than 4 hours drive, I didn't put sunblock on until I reached the tennis center. Although I put them on immediately while sitting there waiting for Rainer's match, my cheeks are paying the price right now.

Mirnyi and Gabashvili were playing across from court 8. The two courts open to each other except a passage way between them. Even I was sitting on the far side of court 7 from court 8, I could hear him clearly whenever he lost a point. It's a VERY long match. It was the first match on court 8 and by the time it's finished, 2 matches on court 7 were over.

OK, back to the #1 player I wanted to watch today. Schuettler vs Sirianni. Sirianni arrived early all by himself. It seems he walked all the way to the court instead of riding the golf carts provided by tournament to transport players to their courts as he entered the court where spectators used. Rainer and Dirk arrived pretty late. I didn't notice whether Dirk stayed as I paid all my attention on court and there's no seat on the player's seats. Dirk's belly looks double its size since I saw him last year.

Sirianni served first and hold serve easily. Rainer had a little trouble putting his first serve in his first serving game and struggled but finally hold serve. Sirianni, not able to convert 2 bps (I think), played a very bad service game with 2 DFs, including one on break point and Rainer was up 2-1. Both did not have trouble holding serve. Rainer won first set 6-4. The first 3 games in 2nd set were mirror image of first set but Sirianni played worse and was broken twice. Rainer easily went up 5-1. Sirianni hold one more serve but Rainer served out the match with no trouble.

Afterward, I went to watch Delic vs Mefferet. Delic was playing badly with many UEs and Mefferet was solid. Very quickly, Delic was downed 2 breaks and I left the match.

Finally Minryi/Gabashvili match was over and Lapentti/Niemeyer was warming up while the other side, another Canadian, Wozniak started vs Lisicki. I was pretty impressed by Lisicki in her Fed Cup match and the women sat next to me during Rainer's match told me she played very good in first round. I watched a few games and although Wozniak managed to hold serve, I knew she's no match to Lisicki.

Afterward, I went to watch Kei Nishikori vs Alex Bogodanovic. They just finished first set with Kei up 6-4. Alex lost both serve and Kei was up 3-0. During the break, a Japanese photographer with those canon like zone lens arrived. I didn't know whether Kei fell he was being "watched", his game suddenly went downhill and lost his serve. Bogo stepped up his game and won the next 4 games, breaking Kei twice, and up 4-3. Kei managed to hold serve 4-4 with difficulty but failed to hold serve at 4-5 and lost 4-6.

I left the court and went to watch player practise. Good thing most students are still in school and most people are retirees and travellers. There're no crazy Marat fan girls crowding the practise court where Marat was practising shirtless. Most of the courts were used by women players whom I am not very acknowlegable. Many are Chinese women but I could only recognise Li Na who's practising with Vera Zvonareva, unlike her compatriots who were either practised with their coach or another Chinese woman.

Next I saw shirtless Ginepri but I didn't know who's the player with him. But there's a LARGE crowd in the practise court next to the "grass" area so I went to take a look. It's Tsonga practised with Clement (I could not tell who he was with the beard and cap but the way he squat when return serve, I believed that's Clement) After awhile with more people, I went to explore the various vendors' tent and shops. Then found a nice chair with shade outside the Center court and rest a bit.

I saw on the screen that another Brit, Jamie Baker was playing, I went to watch. Poor Jamie was sick. He coughed between games and during change over, he pulled out a bunch of toilet paper and blew his nose. At least he put the used one into the garbage can behind the chair himself And before returned to court, he coughed badly again. He still left a long strip of toilet paper precariously (a little corner) under his towel on the spare seat and I, instead of watching the match, imagined if the breeze was strong enough and blew the toilet paper into the court.

After Serra, Baker's opponent broke him, I left as I knew there's no way Jamie would win.

It's late afternoon and I had a long drive already so I left instead of trying to watch Sweeting, Vemic and Anderson. And they all were very cooperating by winning so I will have another chance to watch them tomorrow.
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    Choupi's Avatar
    Hope you will have a great time at IW. And hope the sun will be nicer with you in the upcoming days. Thanks for the report. Always nice to read from ppl attending events. Have fun
    Posted 03-12-2008 at 03:24 PM by Choupi Choupi is offline
    martine2's Avatar
    Lee, I envy you but I do hope you have a GREAT time in IW
    Please keep us posted with yr reports
    Posted 03-13-2008 at 07:19 PM by martine2 martine2 is offline
    cobalt60's Avatar
    Thanks for the blog reports.
    Posted 03-14-2008 at 01:07 PM by cobalt60 cobalt60 is offline
    theMEESH's Avatar
    i was there when marat was practicing! did you happen to notice a fat girl with a blue top with another girl in shorts and a little kid trying to get onto the tennis court? i was the fat girl!

    and i saw ginepri! were you there when he was mocking the umpire saying "please turn off all mobile devices" (or something like that...)

    anyways... if you see ferrero... take a few piccys for me. i'm going back on sunday. its a two hour drive, but i'll have to suffer since this is my first tennis tournament!

    maybe i'll see you there.

    Posted 03-14-2008 at 03:11 PM by theMEESH theMEESH is offline
    Lee's Avatar
    BabyAngelB1, I am no Safinette but there's a shirtless Safin. I kind of saw nobody around except him.

    I had some pics of Ferrero practiced with Nadal but there many people, so they are not the best but passable. But I had some of him working with his trainer on the grass area.
    Posted 03-15-2008 at 08:55 PM by Lee Lee is offline
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