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omg wtf!!!!!!

Posted 04-05-2005 at 03:13 AM by

Last night was so awesome

I worked from 3am - 1230pm. Got home and watched the first three sets of RAFA vs Federer before heading down to Lancaster to get Krista. Jess (savestheday91) kept me posted on the scores of sets 4 and 5. I called it though. I knew as soon as Roger won the third set tiebreak that he'd win the whole match, so I wasn't sad or surprised at all when Jess let me know it was over. I am sooo unbelievably proud of Rafa though He did about 100x better than anyone thought he would do (except for a few of us ) and I really think that that was a great showcase for him to show everyone what's to come. The kid's 18 and that was his first Master's Series final, and he took two sets off the best player ever and took another set to a tiebreak. That's pretty damn good if you ask me Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!

So when we got back to my house we got Chinese food and watched tv till seven and then headed to the show. It started at 630pm, but the first opening act we didn't really care to see so we showed up a half hour late. Lucky for us they were still on stage when we got there So we were hanging out by The Starting Line's merch booth cuz I wanted to buy a track jacket and Krista tapped me on the shoulder and said "Do you know who else is opening?" I said no and she pointed to the merch right next to TSL's. It was Mae-- our least favorite live band EVER. Not cool. So we watch the next act (Suicide Pact -- never saw them before but they were really good) and discovered we were standing with the lead singer from TSL. He changed his hair and we didn't even recognize him. Then Mae came on so we sat in the bar and just talked. Then TSL came on and we watched three songs before deciding to go see Sin City. TSL will be on tour again next month for their new album which drops May 10th, so we decided we'd just go to a full show then

Sin City was sooooooooooooooo good. Go see it. Now. Thanks.

Um....... I go see Jason Mraz on Friday and then SoCo next Thursday. I love SoCo. I'm listening to them right now. Brilliance. If you don't know them, go download them somewhere. They are called Something Corporate. Best band ever. Thanks.

Guga won today!!!!

Okay bye!!!!

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    Re: omg wtf!!!!!!

    Do not be sad when the fetus loses.

    When he wins though, I will be back to supporting him.
    Posted 04-05-2005 at 10:36 PM by savesthedizzle savesthedizzle is offline
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