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I've recently been trawling through all the albums both these super bands have released. It's amazing how much great music they wrote that remains less well known. As usual for me, it's the ballads that are grabbing my attention. I love lush slow romantic songs (the slower the better!)

With that in mind, I've been listening for the last two hours (I kid you not) to Queen's "Love Of My Life". This is especially poignant becasuse I recently split up with my last gf (two weeks ago) and the lyrics are so apt.

Love of my life you've hurt me
You've broken my heart
And now you leave me
Love of my life can't you see
Bring it back bring it back
Don't take it away from me
Because you don't know
What it means to me
Love of my life don't leave me
You've taken my love you now desert me
Love of my life can't you see
Bring it back bring it back
Don't take it away from me
Because you don't know
What it means to me
You will remember
When this is blown over
And everything's all by the way
When I grow older
I will be there at your side to remind you
How I still love you I still love you
Back hurry back
Please bring it back home to me
Because you don't know
What it means to me
Love of my life
Love of my life

Incidentally, the version that Queen sang as part of their tribute tour to FM in Rome is incredible for the audience participation. The sheer volume of the fans singing along to Brian May was a carthartic experience for me.. that so many people could be united to sing their heart out.. mindblowing .

Anyway, it helps the pain and the music is so ethereal in some place that it can't help lift my soul. Another song that has been seeing a lot of airtime Abba's When All Is Said And Done. Yes there is a theme to the songs I'm listening to.

Still, there are many other gems by both. One that absolutely floored me is Dear Friends (Queen - Just under two minutes long). Listening to it, it's almost Freddie writing his last farewell to his friends. I had tears in my eyes the first time I heard it. There are so many short songs by Queen that are absolute gems. Nevermore and Lily Of The Valley spring to mind. I just wish I had someone special to share them with again!

Let's not neglect ABBA either. The sheer variety of their music is mind boggling. I'm sure that most people know ABBA for their EuroPop Synth sound. But there is so much more to them e.g. Sitting In The Palm Tree which could almost be UB40 if I didn't know better. One passage I just have to mention is from "Hole In Your Soul".

You paint your world and use all colours
And then you find it all comes out too bright
You know it's only a lie
The songs you sing are too romantic
And when you want the truth
They only spit in your eye
Oh yeah, they're only telling you lies
Oh yeah, there's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul

The scoring for this is ethereal. The way that the chorus echoes the main theme.. has to be heard to be appreciated.. words definitely do no justice. Thing about ABBA's songs are they aren't sad, there just is a theme of regretful melancholy running through a lot of them that is currently resonating all through my life (personal/business).

One result of the breakup is I now have two tickets to Scottish Opera's A Night In Spain at Edinburgh Festival Hall next weekend and no one to take (yet). A part of me is inclined to just toss the tickets in the bin (such is the effect of K's departure from my life) but it would be wasteful and I do love opera. Problem is so few ladies (people) today actually appreciate opera.. still I could ask one of the older ladies from the (Tennis) Club to go I guess or my personal assistant. Note to self: Ask someone pronto before everyone's made plans for next weekend.

Thanks for reading, writing always helps me sleep (I'm good at boring myself!) Have a good night all!
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