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Let's know each other!

Posted 12-04-2004 at 11:23 AM by

now, I will say something abt myself so that you could know me more.
my english name is June. cos I am born in June. I am from Beijing, the capital of China. I am 22 this year. so which word could express my gender preperly? a girl, a young lady or other words? it does not matter. all would be OK.
I am in a uncertain situation now. confused with my future a little. both opportunity and challenge are waiting for me. unluckily, I am more of a superstitious person. believe in fatality. sure I will try my best. but not very optimistic on the best result. I just look forward to a result which I deserve. *cross my fingers*

what other things should I say? my hobbies? too many. travel, reading, movies, sports, drama and so on.
it is widely acknowledged that girls are always sensitive. so am I. my mood changes all the time. I think it is plain. just like now, I am a little bit bored for nothing.
I hold it is better that you ask me if you want to know me deep. thx for reading it.
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    Re: Let's know each other!


    Hi June. Your English is very easy to understand. :yeah: Yeah, I remember being 22 (hehe, I sound like an old man), and there's a lot of uncertainty in life. Well, I have one bit of advice. Don't ever believe anyone who says that your best days are behind you. ;)
    Posted 01-13-2005 at 03:59 AM by MisterQ
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