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The Dentist

Posted 05-23-2005 at 10:33 PM by

I remember being a kid and making fun of my dad for being scared of the dentist, until I was 15. At that age I found out what he wa scared of! I only had a simple cavity, but the idiot hurt me, and a lot!!! Ever since that day I've been scared of going to the dentist. I had an appoiment today, and I've been dreading this day since last week!
However, I changed the dentist, and this one is MUCH better! I only had one small cavity and nothing hurt me at all, and to make things better this day, David won his match!
A half perfect day. I say just half perfect because this morning I had to do some paperwork in the city, and I arrived late cause there was a delay in the subway
But I can't complain much, all in all, it was a good day
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    Re: The Dentist

    Dentists were always serial killers to me! :lol: Take care sweetie!! :hug:..I said i'll be back!! :lol:
    Posted 06-24-2005 at 05:59 PM by ClaudiaM
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