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Holy Crap

Posted 12-07-2004 at 10:02 PM by

Geez! I dont think I've ever been this pissed off. First of all, my grandma wakes me up at 6 in the morning cause my mom and dad weren't home saying that she thought my grandfather was dead. Thanks, well, couldn't have told me that like 2 freaking hours later?! Anyway, my grandfather is fine. My grandma is an IDIOT I tell you. Just because he wont wake up doesnt mean that he's dead. sheesh. And at 9, my mom came home, and she took me to the dentist. It was alright there. Ended up going to the hospital at 10:40 even though my xray was scheduled for 11. My mom and I waited there for a good 2 hours, and it takes like 2 seconds to get an xray done! both of us werent happy about that. I was fucking cold in that hospital gown with the opening in the back. geez! So, we have lunch at one, and after I head off to school. When I get outside its POURING rain, so my jacket and backpack gets SOAKED. I get to school at 1:55, talk to Alex for a bit... and after my friend Jonathan was like Vic, you got a 0. I'm like WHAT THE FUCK? Cause I missed period 3 class, and I still had to do my business presentation. But since I wasnt there, the bastard gave me a 0. Its not my fucking fault I had to wait 2 fucking hours for a fucking xray to be done now is it? hmm? Pardon my language.. heh heh.. Alteast French was alright. we were doing NOTHING. The guys ditched class, and some of the girls went with them. only like 6 other kids were left. Lmao! my teacher didnt care, she said she had a headache or something. Soo, Alina, Irene, Danny, Grigory and I were drawing on the blackboard. I dunno how many times I wrote Guille.. Cause Irene kept erasing it! Stupid bitch. No I'm just kidding. I'm such a troubled kid, eh??
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