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Posted 12-06-2004 at 09:14 PM by

Hehe. Too bad its only Monday. Today was awsome though. Had the fashion show at our school. Funny as hell. and then I got 97 on our Geography Unit Test. and that bitch who sits beside me only got a 69. and she kept complaining how its not fair that she studied her ass off and I didnt study for a minute. pssh. Its not my fault that I have good memory now is it? And so after she told our teacher. He didnt say anything. LMAO! Heh, I was like "just suck it up. its not THAT big of a deal, atleast you passed " I wonder what she'll do to me tomorrow... *shrugs* YAY! Its Egypt week on Discovery Channel! I'm sorry, I'm an OBSESSED Ancient Egypt fan. Yesterday night I went to bed at 1 watching the stuff. So that makes it 2 nights in a row without enough sleep *dies* Tonight I'm gonna watch again, heh heh heh. So now, my best friend Alison officially called me insane.
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