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In School

Posted 12-03-2004 at 06:27 PM by

yayy!! Mr. Millones isnt here today!! I dont have to present my half hour long presentation! I've been worrying about it all day.. and arguing with myself too if i should present it and like wet myself up at the front, or not do it at all and get a 0. Damn, then I gotta present on Tuesday.. BUT WAIT! I have my xray at 11 right by my house, and it takes like 45 minutes to get to school.. plus I have to eat lunch. Then lets make it Thursday. Unless Mr. Millones is a bitch and gives me a 0 because I dont show up. *thinks* Hope he doesnt or he'll go to HELL! I'm soooooo happy. Now All I have to worry about is my math test on Monday. AND two more days till Bob, Clint, and Scott are in Quebec on the CPR Holiday Train My friend Sarah is gonna take pictures. So excited. I wanna see if bob looks the same, from last year.. LMAO! I already saw a video clip, but its hard to tell. heh heh. *sighs* Last time on until Sunday afternoon Lets hope Nancy and Alison can come.. with Ken.. HEHEHE.
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    Re: In School

    Go Vic!! Heh! Escaped the Teacher from Hell!
    Posted 12-03-2004 at 08:34 PM by Guille's Girl Guille's Girl is offline
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