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Posted 12-03-2004 at 01:49 AM by

O-kay! another blog for me.. muahaha. Mom so evil, ya. She is making me go to my aunts house on Friday afterschool when I dont start babysitting my cousins until Saturday night. So on Wednesday, I was fighting with my mom over MSN.. shes on a cruise with my dad.. Its so sad! they've been gone for 5 days already, but it only feels like they've been gone for 2! WHAT IS THIS?! And its gonna suck when I wont be able to use the computer for 6 hours once i get home AND! for the next 3 saturdays, I wont be able to do anything cause those three we're booked with Family Friends and Birthday parties.. GRR!!! After that its Christmas atleast, and then new years! New Years is the BEST! time to party! It doesnt help me that the next few school days are gonna be hell. Tomorrow I got a business presentation, Monday I got a major math test, and on Tuesday I have a dentist appoinment at 10, and a xray scheduled for 11 right after it... And on that day we got swimming for physical ed. which means I'm going to have to do a make up swim Time for sleep now...
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