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Jack Frost is coming.....

Posted 12-19-2004 at 08:10 PM by

Holy Shit man. I woke up this morning, and It was FREEZING. the tiles of my bathroom was like ice. No wonder, outside its like -20 C! Yesterday it was like 0.. What happened there? Anyway. Also, yesterday I went to my cousin's cousin's birthday party. He turned three it think. I like fell asleep on the couch with my dad cause I was so bored. I was like, I'm not even related to this kid, Why do I have to come?? I was too wrapped up on the fact that Vince Carter traded teams. I was like, wtf? WHY?! HA! They beat New Jersey (the team Carter went to) this afternoon. muahahaha. Take that! There was something that Carter was a cheater or what not. I decided NOT to listen to it. Instead I was sniffing this GAP Scent my friend got me for Christmas.. HEHEHE. my dad said he was gonna burn it some day.. Nooo. Dont take the pleasure out of it! HAHAHA. when he does, he'll burn the house down. And then we'll all die

Saw Ken two days in a row. I sprayed my GAP Scent right in front of his face. so it like went into his mouth, and it kinda looked like he was choking. SO FUNNY! After he got bored, so he went to get food, and he never returned. LMAO. I dont blame him. 7 days till Christmas *sings* "Merry Christmas to one and all, it's all been worth the wait / Rip off the ribbons and open the gifts, its time to celebrate / Bring on the turkey the ham and the yams and the cookies that momma makes / Christmas only comes once a year; Oh what a wonderful day" Did I not type that one yet? I'm pretty sure i did. Whatever. Time to get back to other IMPORTANT things. HEHEHE. Like getting high off of yummy fragrances...
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