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Posted 12-07-2004 at 07:18 PM by

EH, I think everyone knows about Reyes and Capitaine by now BUT, if not...Heh! Was talking to my friend online the other night and BAM! She sees Guille on ESPN. He said dat uh, Reyes is going to be advising Capitaine on how to train him. Vamos Javier. We cain't be havin' you doing dis shit wrong! Ok not funny...well it was too me ANYWHO!! Yeah, then whenever Andre retires, Guille will work with Reyes full-time I really don't mind Andre not retiring anyway

WELL! 1:30 this morning, my bro wakes me up and tells me that our county was under a tornado warning. And a whole lot of other counties too. An incredible lightning display it was indeed. So, we waited a while then at about...2:15 a.m., it hit. Like eh hmm, 50mph straight line winds. Dude, it was scary. I thought the west side of our house was gonna blow in. Stone kept walking around the house, while I was trying to get him to stay in a safe place! What an idiot!! He just WOULDN'T stay in the frickin hall. We had the tv on in his room. The county north of us got hit real bad. Lot's of tornados. It's December right?

Ok I could bitch about my life cuz I'm pissed off (can't tell can ja?), but why not bitch about video games instead?? Ok so, Outlaw Tennis is out for the PS2 and Xbox, from the developers Hypnotix. They did Outlaw Golf and Outlaw Volleyball. In Outlaw Tennis, you get all the surfaces ja, and some other shit that real players would probably say "hell naw!" to. For instance asphalt, hardwood and snow. In some strange places too, like on an Aircraft carrier. But enough about that. Electronic Arts needs to make a REAL tennis game for all the consoles...well, maybe not Gamecube. Right now, Topspin for the Xbox is the most decent tennis game on the market. But really, look at EA with their incredible title "FIFA soccer 2005". Even folks that don't like futbol can get into that. This game is on the brink of perfect. How come we can't have a tennis game like that eh? EA should publish a title called "ATP Tour", just like they have "PGA Tour". The game should have at least the top 25 players in da curcuit, and 5 unlockables: Sampras, Rafter, McEnroe, Lendl and....someone else. As with the FIFA title, all the players should be wearing their official sponser clothes ja, and stuff like that. There should be a training mode too, as with all other sports titles. Special training modes for grass and clay. Then! You're off to a tournament. When your player earns money, they can buy cool stuff ja, like different racquets and shoes. AND it would be cool if you could unlock cool shit for your players. For instance you could unlock new sunglasses or bandana's for Clement or sumthin That'd be cool. And you'd have to beat a certain amount of tournaments before you can unlock the Slams. Like eh, Monte Carlo, Rome and Hamburg. You'd have to beat 2 of those in order to unlock Roland Garros. AND as with Topspin, what would a sports title be without online play eh? Unlike Xbox, you won't need MSN BRAODBAND Well, you probably would if you get the title for Xbox, but c'mon. $50 for the game, $30 a month for broadband, and $20 a month for Xbox live? Please. PS2. Trust! There'd be some insane matches online for real. Heh heh, there'd be chat rooms for folks to challenge someone and there'd be rankings and live score boards I guess. You would have an ID and profile, stating what player you're adavanced with and shit like that. Anywho, the graphics would be off the hook, so I'm guessing it would have to come out on the PS3 Oh well.

Mavericks lost to the Pistons last night. That's all I remember. Me and Stone gots George Street tonight. Ah some good ol' blues. These people need some ROCK.
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