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no subject, I guess

Posted 12-05-2004 at 11:37 PM by

Soooooooo!!!! Ha! I'll start with Guille!!!!!!!!!! He's gon' be playin' an exibition match vs. El Chino Rios. Poor Chino. An ass whooping for his last match Ok that's mean EH, Dec 22...I think. YUP! He's also gonna be playing in a charity futbol match on Dec. 26 ja. For the uhm, Zanetti Foundation, for poor kids Kick some ass Guille!!!!! Do it for da kids ja

Now me! I don't think we're gonna play the Warehouse tonight. It's raining so wutever. We'll see. Stone was like "Man I hope we get to fuck wit' some people's minds tonight..." LMAO! He takes it hella serious. Like, bloodshed or sumthin. But s'all good. I finished this weeks' comic this morning. I started on it yesterday I thought I was gonna be late. Was a bit but eh, I got through it quicker than I thought. Can't wait for next week! It gon' be funny as hell! Stone helped me with the plot cuz shit. I had mindblock. And he just so happens to be a genius

NFL. Eh damnit. The Packers are losing to the Eagles Ok it ain't that bad...yes it is. They'll be 7-5 I dunno if they'll make it to the playoffs. But anywho, I still got them there COLTS!!! Heh! Fucked up the Titans today, 51-24 That's just not RIGHT. that's EVIL. PEYTON MANNING!!! 3 TD passes! 2 interceptions though Ah well still. He's 4 away from tying Dan Marino's record of 48 TD passes in one season. Andele Peyton!

Eh what else DAVIS CUP!!!! Tada!! Go Spain. Y'all kicked mad flava I kinda feel bad for Andy though, but I keep telling myself I shouldn't I dunno. I'll just L.I.G. and be happy for Spain

Oh snap! Whan does that Suns game start...I dunno. They probably already played. Guess I'll go check.
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