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Posted 12-04-2004 at 11:56 PM by

Okaaay! so. Let's see here. I'll start with Guille!!! Well actually his dad. Was readin' somethin' ja was Mr. Oscar Coria. Sorry for my bad grammar. I actually talk like that. Anywho, he said that Guille is REALLY shy. He said he's so shy that some people mistake his shyness for pride Poor Guille Blah blah, Mr. Oscar said a lot of other stuff but I don't feel like typin' alot

Now me!!! Absolutely nothing. I think me and Stone are gonna play at the Warehouse tomorrow. We havn't been there since school started back. Dude, we get mad props there. It's scary...and I don't like it. I mean, I like to get applause, but I can't stand all the folks with the overbearing compliments. It's nice to know they really enjoy us and stuff, but I get nervous around so many people. It used to be really awful though. I'd go sit where nobody could see me and put my head down in my arms. My dad made me stop doing that So anywho, only time I'm not nervous is when I start singing. I think if Stone wasn't with me, I wouldn't dare stand up in front of all them folks Heh, gotta look up to little bro for confidence But whatever! I think we're gonna do George Street next week too! The owner doesn't like us, but the crowd does And the owner and P.A. lady always turn us down. Jealous.

What eeeeeelse MLB BASEBALL!! OMG! No penalty or fine for using steroids if you're caught the first time. 2nd time you're caught, 15 day suspension and a $10,000 fine?? THAT-IS-BULL-SHIT. Ha! You think these guys are afraid of doping? It's not like they're facing big consequences...except a fucked up record. Barry Bonds' home-run record doesn't even count to me. McGuire either, for all those racial-thinkin' folks.

Basketball. Well, the Suns win streak is over They lost to the Wolves, (97-93) who are now on a mission to stop the Clippers win streak (5 in a row). Anywho, Steve had 22 points and 8 assists. Not bad.

Mike and Bob won their match at DC, like I knew they would Ok I didn't mind Spain losing that one. I kinda like them guys. They're one of my fav doubles teams, behind Santoro and Llodra They kicked ass at RG. In fact they kicked the Bryans' asses...in their asses That was a great match. Ok, let's go Spain.

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