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blah blah, and more blah :D

Posted 12-03-2004 at 08:28 PM by

Ok I'mma start with Guille!!!!!!!! The Guillermo Coria National Cup finals are over ja. A few hardcore kids get to go to Barcelona and train with Guille for a week. YaY Vamos all you little Mago's Ja he says he wants to help all the kids ja and keep them away from drugs, alcohol and all that other destructive shit. Vamos Guille Thank God SOMEBODY gives a damn.

Now about me: I have the greatest parents in the world AND OH SNAP!!! Sony sent Stone this holiday demo disk with all these nice games on it...including Veiwtiful Joe 2. Welp! Guess what It deleted ALL the damn memory off BOTH our memory cards. Shinobi, Tekken 4, Metal Gear Solid 2 (all those damn dogtags! ), Kingdom Hearts (level 99 ), Tekken Tag Tournament, Splinter Cell, Need For Speed: Hot pursuit 2 (all those cars we unlocked!) , Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Haven, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, Tenchu 3 :firey: , James Bond: Nightfire, Soul Calibur 2 . At least we get a free game, as an "apology" from Sony. I wonder how many people got this damn, glitched demo disk eh?

Hold up! Basketball. Mavs vs. Rockets last night. Dude, T-mac 48 points, 9 dimes, 9 boards. Nowitzki, 53 points, 13 boards. Ouch. Bloodshed. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Mavs won in OT, 113 (lucky number) to 106 I think. Suns vs. Wolves tonight. Crap. Suns on a 9 game win streak. Wolves have won 9 of the last 10 games vs. the Suns. Owwies. Good luck y'all!!

NOW! Baseball. After Jason Giambi lost that MASSIVE amount of wieght, which he swore was 4 pounds LMMFAO!!! it should've been apparent to errebodeh that the guy was taking steroids! C'mon. The guy was beyond massive last season. The guy looked like a frickin' Mack truck! So anyway, he testified in front of a jury that HE WAS taking steroids during the '03 season, blah blah blah. Ya know, I didn't know there was no penalty in MLB for testing positive for steroids Now Giambi could possibly be suspended, since he confessed...what a surprise! not. Anywho, nobody knows how this testimony leaked out.
Barry Bonds! Testified that he unknowingly took steroids. Some kind of creme for arthiritis and something else. But eh, it was a whole lot of other stuff his trainer was giving him. Blah. Whatever. Let's get to the exciting stuff shall we??

DAVIS CUP!! Spain 2-0 I'm gonna leave it at that

Ok NFL. Ricky Williams. pffft. What a loser. He was gonna be reinstated to the NFL after serving a 4 game suspension for smokin' weed. THEN, he'd have to take a drug test! Heh! Like he's gonna do that. So he refused the deal. C'mon! Give me a damn break! You're throwing away your career over some damn weed??? OMG. Yeah, now he's 8.6 MILLION dollars in debt to the Dolphins. Ass. IDIOT!!! OMG. And I thought... Some people are just TOO dumb.

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