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Posted 12-02-2004 at 04:05 PM by

Ok well what a night I had. So! Me, my dad and Stone head on down to this bar/grill called Archestratus. Me and Stone play music there every wednesday ja. Was all good. Oh we went by my sisters' apartment and got her too. Anywho, when we get there we pick a table in a small corner where cain't nobody see us ....but the manager did. Heh? He came over to our table and was like "Y'all gon' play sumthin' tonight? " Stone had went back to the car SO I said "Yes sir..." "Well that's good! I'm looking forward to it ". I was thinking So anywho, Mr. Brawley was still playing some music ja so we just sat and listened to him like always. Then after he was done, (he's in charge of the music stuff), he went and ate dinner. Ok so, this was like FOREVER before me and Stone got to do our thing. Not that I'm "complaining" I was nervous for reason. And my left arm hurt like a bitch! Blah. Anywho. WHOO! Mr. Evans wasn't there. He's a rich attorney dude that likes to play there sometimes. He's not very good either, but he tries. And Mr. May wasn't there SO finally, me and Stone get to do our thing. The place was packed ja. Eh yeah. Mic check and all that good shit. Stone hooks up his guitar blah OK! We introduce ourselves (even though everyone knows us. oh well) and start with some Tracy Chapman. "One reason." Stone hit da mad chords ja...then Mr. Brawleys amp blows out He was like "Man, I've been waiting for that thing to blow." and I'm thinkin' "Then why the hell did you bring it?" Ok so, fortunately, there was another guy there that had an amp so he goes to his truck to get it and he hooks it up and BAM! we're back in business. Everyone liked the song ja, even though I fucked it up. Stone had the solo perfect Then um, we did some ol' schoo' Areatha Franklin. "Dr. Feelgood" Ha! I LOVE that song! Hehehehe! Ok I'm not gonna sing it. Then eh we did some Sheryl Crow, "Favorite mistake", Ray Charles, "Drown in my own tears." DUDE! Love that song. Oh! Then we did some Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love song" Damn! I didn't know Stone could sing backup so damn good! Eh then we got a request Somebody wanted to hear "At last" by Etta James. I was like "ooooooooooK" need some water. Crap. Ha! I LOVE singing dis SONG. Heh heh heh. Then we got ANOTHER request. "Change gon' come" by Sam Cooke. Uh huh. Then after we were done with THAT, we finally did some Matchbox Twenty "Bright lights". "whoo!" somebody yelled. I was thinkin "heh? who knew." Me and Stone went on and on with that song, way past where it was supposed to end Everyone liked that. Then we did "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks...(Knicks?) Well anyway, it was the Dixie Chicks version. Yay. And that was it! Dude I was tired. So anyway, a few minutes after while i was talking to Mr. Brawleys wife, a man came up to me and gave me $20. He was like "Ma'am, I just wanna say that y'all were great tonight and I sure enjoyed and 'ppreciated y'all." and I'm standing there like an idiot stuttering "Th-th-thanks, very much " I'm such a dork. Heh! Mrs. Brawley was like "Y'all are really great. Make sure you mention Virgil (Mr. Brawley) when y'all start makin' them millions " and I'm thinkin' "What damn 'millions'. I don't WANT to be a singer. If I didn't need money, I wouldn't be doing this." Dude, I am SUCH an ungrateful bitch. God forgive me.

Suns kicked ass last night. 120-101. HEH! Steve wit' da mad flava. 21 points, 7 dimes, 7 boards. He's much too short to be kickin so much ass. HEH!
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