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Posted 01-10-2005 at 02:01 AM by

A'ight so the greatest writer on the EARF wrote a new episode to So Fast 2 Stupid today. Here's a part:

Nash rushed to his side, "are you alright Mr. Coria?"
He was panting loudly with a disticnt "wheeze" in his voice, "maybe..."
"What happened out there?" asked Feds.
"No more!" he yelled in anguish.
Hotsuma came up to him, "wut else you know?"
Willy (Guille) suddenly calmed down as he eyed the ceiling in thought, "hello, morning, for sure..."
"Pssh, mutha fucka was speakin' english last time I checked," said Naraku.

The whole damn story is the SHIT!! Hell of a fanfic. Feds is a dentist Ah damn. Whole lot of other shit too but eh, y'all might get all OFFENDED so yeah. I wonder if they'll ever find Nalbandian...

Uhm, COLTS!! Whooped ass today. The Packers lost Brett threw too damn many interceptions. Oh well. I still got dem Colts holla back. Speaking of "back"...

Guille say he a'ight. Uhm, said his butt was hurting but s'all good. He told us not to worry and awl dat good shit so VAMOS! A'ight!

What else....nuthin I guess. Oh damn! I just understood the rest of that damn story.
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