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Posted 12-01-2004 at 11:46 PM by

Not too much time! So I'll be brief as possible. I'll start with ME!! No I'll start wit Guille! OH YEAH! OMG! Dude! LMMFAO! Teehee! Maybe I should just keep this to myself. Now about me!

Crap, I just remembered I didn't shade the neck on that last subjet in that damn lesson. I'm gonna get a B- I'll get a B one the "fold" shit, and an A- on the naked guy LMAO! Okay so whatever. What else. Eh I actually learned some useful Spanish today. I guess I'm pretty good, I just need to work harder at it.

Oh hey I remember now!! Ha! Me and Stone had ourselves a GOOD laugh when we realised who Guille's new trainer actually is Heh heh heh. Ok! Stone busted out! He wuz like "Hell naw! I know dis ain't..." Yee.

What else SPORTS! Basketball! Suns kicked ass last night LIKE I said they would. Steve kickin' ass. 20 points and 14 assists. Holla. Whooped dem Jazz in dey house, 115-102. Suns are at home tonight vs. the Cavs. Steve vs. LeBron. HEH! Show the kid who's boss Steve!!! Mavericks LOST. Oh! Dirk was so far gone though. Flyin through the lane and made this SICK dunk. Then Duncan was like "Hey! You CANNOT, do that on tv...but I can!" BAM! Back in his face. It was awesome. Spurs won....112?? to 89 or some shit. It was ugly. Ok now baseball.

PEDRO MARTINEZ! Better not take his ass over there to them Yankees. He will be the GREATEST TRAITOR ever, in the entire world of sports. Heh. Cubs? Fine. Angels? Maybe. Yankees? He'd have to watch his back EVERY DAY. Anywho, the Mets offered him a 3 year contract and 37.5 M. I guess dat ain't bad. As long he don't go with them Yankees

Martina Hingis! Vamos girl! She gon' be playing a tournament in January ja. I forget which one. Some where in Aisa. Uuuuuhhhhh what else...

I guess dats all. Gotta go!
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