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Posted 02-10-2007 at 05:16 AM by

Good to see the blogs are back!

Well, it will be off to the Pacific Life Open soon....I'm excited about it. There are some things that are a little bothersome though.....It will just be my husband and I....this will be the first time we will really be away from our son ever. He spends the night quite often with my grandparents, but they only live 4 miles away, so we see him every day...even if he spends the night over there. I am not looking forward to this aspect of things. We'll see how it goes. Also, I read somewhere...but I can't remember where, doggone it...that Fab said that he was going to skip a few tournaments this year, so he could go on vacation with the rest of his family. Problem is, I don't know which tournaments. It would stink so bad if he isn't at IW. I enjoy tennis, no doubt about it...but with me, the truth of the matter is....I would deal with watching it on TV, although there is no comparison to live of course....but to attend this tournament is super expensive for us. We would most definately choose to spend our money in a different way if we are unable to see our favorites...There are other players that I enjoy, but not like I enjoy Fab....and with Andre being retired.....I hope very much this isn't one of the tournaments Fab plans on skipping........
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    Re: Hmmm.....

    I understand how you feel and why you're worried. But I don't think IW will be among the events Fab will skip. Well, I hope for you I am right!!
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