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Posted 02-05-2007 at 09:47 AM by

It's already February..the end of my highschool years is coming faster and faster. I know it's good to say goodbye and always look further and not back...but this has been a really fun and great time of my life and I'm sad it has to end. 4 years...n'aaah it seems so much less It's gone so fast oh well, university awaits. A maybe even better time of my life! So, I hope. Well, there's still a few months until that. So let me enjoy my last months of highschool. May they be the best despite all the necessary hard studying. Study and party hard! The combination is indeed bizzare, but possible! Ain't it???

I'm also kinda sad right now because a friend of mine died the other day because of the cold in the mountains. He and his girlfriend chose a really hard route which is closed during winter....the nature made him her victim...his girlfriend survived. And he was celebrating his birthday just that day. Death seems so far...and yet, it's so close to you Rest in peace!
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    Re: Update...

    That's awful about your friend. My thoughts go out to all his friends and family ):

    And i graduated from highschool last year, and i was feeling like that too, but a year on, uni is fantastic and i see all my school friends all the time. It's the best of both worlds i guess! I hope the same works out for you Enjoy your last few months at school
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    Re: Update...

    Posted 02-11-2007 at 03:49 PM by Fergie Fergie is offline
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