Autumn rules!!!!! -
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Autumn rules!!!!!

Posted 11-02-2006 at 12:34 PM by

I knew that I enjoyrd autumn to some extent but these last days have brought me in total awe!!! The trees have never looked better in their lives...the shades of light green, yellow and orange are stunnig....everything comes into place...even the rain. I always liked it when it rains, don't know puts me in a special mood...not necessarily a feel good one, but it's special...I love walking on the empty streets, with my mp3-player, listening to Muse, RHCP and especially Coldplay and feel the rain coming gently on my face...of course, when it's pouring and it gets very windy, then it stops being so nice Oh, and I must tell you that I have something against umbrellas! I find them useless! You anyway get wet, so why should your hand freeze by holding up the umbrella? My point of view, anyway

Last night in the Champions League Steaua Bucharest played against Real Madrid on Santiago Bernabeu!!! It was an excellent match from Steaua...I haven't seen them play the way they did last night in my whole life! Too bad that all the magic was put a stop by that stupid, stupid auto-goal, that shall forever haunt poor Banel Nicolita. I was so sorry for him. Seeeing him cry, made me wanna cry....but that's footbal! It doesn't matter how good you play, the goals are the ones that matter in the end! Anyway, I'm proud of my guys! They fought until the very end! Thank you Steaua! Thank you boys!
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