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warning: dangerous rambling

Posted 12-05-2004 at 03:56 AM by

i need to get out of this place. i'm going half mad. the media is altered. nature is polluted and synthetic. the people are superficial and discriminating.
they think they know emo. darlings, GC isn't emo. it's a bunch of tightasses wearing eyeliner playing pop punk. they stereotype me under "smart and highly reserved, but they agitate the hell out of me because they are never themselves" because i have black hair and almond eyes. she doesn't even know me and she writes all that bullshit about it. she's the one that's not herself. she wears name brands because that is what everybody wears and cakes her face in makeup, but yet she's the one who writes Fuck all over the place and listens to metal. then there's this other one. she tells me i'm going to go to hell. she isn't the only one. i don't mind people preaching the Bible to me because it is actually more intelligent than them, but i seriously loathe it when they smoke all the pot in the world and say they are going to heaven. i ask why? they say because our Savior Jesus died for our sins. i ask is Hitler in heaven and Buddha in hell?

this is what absolutely disappoints me. the downfall of the close-minded adolescent society. and i'm the one being sued for corrupting the youth and not worshipping the gods of the state. time to go drink some hemlock.

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