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Posted 10-21-2005 at 08:41 PM by

Holly shit!

Yesterday I fucked my ankle up It's swollen It's like green, blue ans whatever I'm worried I won't be fit for my upcoming Tournament I'll be the only junior from my club, those idiots aren't able to bring another player there Those said that my coach should come with me but he has no fuckin' time I'll be alone Then I have to play against 16 yrs old I am really mad cause I can't run the balls out, it's on clay and I can't slight on it cause my doc said it's risky for my feet What is up to me? I hate it

Thank god it's starting not for another week I have to travel to a small town in St.Gallen Dunno where it is

The organisation is crap, nothing! I have to get the tickets and everything And I'm still busy with searching a job and with some interviews

And then again I feel some pain in my right shoulder, I fucked it up some time ago it still hurts

I can't serve probably and will get broken like 50% of all my service games Then I have to return even better as I do normal
Another problem is that I can't hit the backhand dtl with much power cause of my ankle I tried some shots yesterday I can't hit the forehand topspin cc and the backhand dtl Those 2 shots are my most important shots Should I stay at home?

I feel like, cause I don't want to blame myself out there and losing like 6-2 6-4, this would be stupid

But what can I do?
The club will be mad at me So I think I'll have to take this and I'll fall badly, that's life

I'm always injured, sometimes I think, I should stop playing tennis

Every fuckin' week I have some injuries Should I stop playing? I can't, I love the game too much! But being injured all the time isn't that great Maybe it's just the clay, dunno

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    Re: Damn!

    there, i left a comment as you wished :ras:
    Posted 10-21-2005 at 08:49 PM by Corey Feldman Corey Feldman is offline
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