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Roger lost?!

Posted 03-13-2007 at 05:21 AM by

So then my computer decides it's never again going to connect to the internet, so I have to buy a new one, and in the midst of 4 days of mixups with FedEx the delivery service, FedEx the tennis player loses!

In actual fact, I'm not that shocked. I was expecting it to be close, and the 7-5 first set didn't surprise me. The 6-2 did, somewhat. Oh well, there goes the streak. Same day, Marat gets bagelled by Mahut and having Sasha there didn't apparently help at all. My current theory is that Marat liked the whips-leather-handcuffs punishment we were imagining after the Hewitt loss a little too much.

I was relying on my (dyslexic) mother for scores and everything, so for the longest time I thought Rafa had lost too...then I figured out it was only in doubles and heaved a sigh of relief.

Probably going to buy the Masters Series TV subscription, mad at myself for not getting it for $40, but then again my computer went out a couple days later, so at least I can get it on the new one. Also, nobody interesting to watch. Haas and Gonzo aren't playing tomorrow (Roddick ), and Wednesday I have class all day, so unless I have time to get it set up in the evening after I get home before their match, I'll just wait and see if there's anything interesting going on Thursday and after.

I hate that when all the interesting stuff happens I can't post about it, so that when I do I just make these summarizing posts that are almost as boring to write as to read. Also, am tired. Stupid DST.
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