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Posted 01-29-2005 at 04:29 PM by

I completely forgot I had a blog here. Oh well.

As you can imagine, I need a new hobby. Women's tennis is now death for me. The QUEEN REE PRINCESS MASHA Domination Era is now in full swing, and it angers me. All my favorite players either suck or are now injured, or tank. Women's tennis used to be THE hobby for me. Life used to be planned around it. Sad but true. I used to time my vacations to go to the tournaments out in California or Florida. If all I'm doing now is watching Q.R.P.M. Domination, I really have no interest in it. I should become more interested in men's tennis. But I haven't followed really since 99, so it would be hard to get back into. At least Marti is coming back in Pattaya this week. She's my only hope at this point.

Yes, so please give idea for new hobbies. I need something to do while I go cold turkey on women's tennis.

My dog is cute. She's fat though. She eats too much. Bad dog.

It's cold here today. I hate where I live. In the winter we get slammed by snow. In the summer we're constantly above 100. We have a stupid climate. I should move soon, but that brings up even more difficulties. Some day I'll win lotto like those postal workers on TV and be rich.

Okay ideas now please.

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