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Posted 12-29-2004 at 05:30 PM by

Christmas turned out to be fun. At around 5 I went over to my friends' house, and we all had fun and had a party. I need cash though, something that no one seems to understand. No shirts, no shoes, no games, cash. Monday I went to a wake. One of my friends died last week after a six month battle against lung cancer. It was sad, but in a way good that it was finally over for him. The end was really bad. And it was open casket. Yuck. Yesterday I blew off the funeral because it was overly depressing. Instead, I ventured over to the Christmas Tree Shop to see if there was anything there cheap. I got neat martini glasses and a shaker, but that was about it. Then, a boring trip to the mall to buy movies. I got four, and plan on watching one today. I stupidly overpaid for old N64 games, which no doubt will be traded back for about 50 cents. Today, I wait for phone calls. Whoever calls me first, I will do something with. Bye.
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