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Son of a

Posted 07-11-2006 at 06:15 PM by

Two things I want to talk about.

I had a freaky dream last night. I was back in high school for four years again and for me to get out of the school I would have to exit from the front and walk all around it because my house was behind the school and there was no open exit. So I was on my way to the front exit and there was my coach and he told me to go towards the back and he'll open the rear exit for me, so I went with him and there was this really old lady sitting there. She looked like she was dying. Now this'll sound really fruity and all but it really shook me up. I went up to the lady and I held her face and I kissed her cheek... and then I started crying. I don't believe dreams have a meaning, but that dream just hit me so hard. I woke up and I felt really depressed.

Anyway, the second thing I want to talk about is my time online. I'm basically going to be around much less, mainly because I'm really bored with it and there are way too many things that annoy me nowadays. I know, I know, everything annoys me but what can you do? I've kind of felt like I've been wasting a lot of my free time here. I mean I'll be online everyday, just not as long as usual and mainly just to check my email and a bit of MTF. Other than that, expect to see a lot less of me. Don't fret, you can email me at if you need to contact me. So I guess I'll see you around... I'll try to update this thing regularly.
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