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Posted 03-09-2005 at 07:44 PM by Nymeria
As most of you might have noticed, I changed my nick. No more Legolas, but Chiudi-fan. But I should change the name of the blog as well now. No idea for a name though
Should think about it... and now I'm not going to put Marco's name in the blogname
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Posted 03-09-2005 at 06:47 PM by Leena
[center]I used to not like this song.

But, I've been listening to it all day today.

I like sad songs.

Sad stuff gets me pumped up.

I'm weird.

Speaking of broken... I got results on my shoulder. It wasn't as bad as I thought. There's some nerve damage, but none were severed. That will get better over time. There's more worry about my shoulder always dislocating, or being "instable" or whatever. There's no torn ligaments, but the doctor said he has to keep checking on it. Whatever. I'm not getting surgery. I only have maybe a good couple years of tennis left, and I'll keep playing and fucking up my shoulder until my arm falls off.

It's like 0 degrees, and all the roads are icy, so I don't want to drive anywhere. I hate living here so much. Although, this is very abnormal for March. And it's like this all over the East Coast. But still. I want move to Arizona or New Mexico. Now.

Boys I like on this board: Andrew. (hates me), Coleburg (don't know him too well. But he wants to bang me. Which rocks. And he's all athletic, thus probably hot), bad gambler (so fucking cute, and has money, but hates me.), GWH (I love his attitude, but he also hates me), and a couple other who I know are under 18, and probably hate me. But, jail bait isn't cool. There might be more that I can't remember. I don't remember names well.

Oh well.

Tomorrow is my last day with the data entry job... then, I'll probably have off until at least Monday. That's fine, I guess.

I can't think of anything to ramble on about.

This is already so damn boring anyway.

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Posted 03-09-2005 at 05:54 PM by Purple Rainbow
I guess I am still recovering from the week that was.
My life is just going from one extreme to another. Gone are the days I could spend 14 hours on mtf. Instead I find myself rushing through the week, hoping to be able to get enough sleep to cope.

Anyway, last week was just another one of those. Started working on tuesday, and worked wednesday and thursday as well. I worked at catering at a big horse jumping event. Selling them food and drinks, mostly beer. It attracted...
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Posted 03-09-2005 at 09:36 AM by zoltan83
Cool! When I wake up this morning my mom didn't forget my birthday lol . Not as last year. Not that last year she really forget it but she thought that it was the birthday of my brother lol (which is the 10th march lol but he is 3 years older than me )

And great several of my friends (who knows that it was my bday) sent me texto for wishing me happy bday

But Compulsory lesson to 8.15 pm today

I dunno if I'll do a party with my...
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Posted 03-09-2005 at 04:34 AM by Leena
[center]Quite bored.

It's March, and it's still freezing outside. And will for another 2 weeks. This isn't right.

The only thing on my mind tonight is the sad realization that nearly everyone can't stand me. It's to be expected, because I'm me. A selfish, egotistical, nasty bitch.

But, it makes me sad.

I guess I'm just in one my down times in my neverending drastic mood swings.

Oh well.

Nothing else... today has been about uneventful as can possibly be.[/center]...
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