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Godů Open 20 April 2005

Posted 04-26-2005 at 10:44 AM by

Wednesday 20 April 2005

Today is a busy day on the Centre Court. 5 Great singles matches and 1 doubles match on Court 1 to look forward to. We go straight to Centre to watch Tommy start the defence of his title. Heís playing Martin, so it wonít be easy! In about 20 minutes or so Tommy is 5-1 behind. Whatís going on here?! Itís not like heís playing that bad. The score doesnít reflect the match. Juanquiís girlfriend Patricia is watching Tommy and Beto. She a lot less nervous than usual! Hahaha! Unfortunately Tommy loses. Oh boy...is it going to be one of those days???

Because the next match doesnít start before 12.50 we go to the practice courts to see whoís there. We also watch a little bit of the Coria Ė Wessels match.. itís too boring....At the practice courts Rafael is just leaving. Itís very crowded at the back courts. Moya is still there. I decide to stay and watch Carlos. I mean, now I have the chance I might as well make the most of it. One kid drops his giant tennisball on the court. Carlos throws it back but not hard enough so it rolls back. Then Carlos decides to be a bad Carlos and he kicks the ball out of the court!!! Oh come on!! How could he do that?! Poor kid paid a lot of money for it! Had autographs on it too!!! The ball nearly crashes into a window of a tent on the next court. Carlos goes: OOPS!

My mobile rings, itís my friend Laura. Sheís from Barcelona and will be here today as well. It will be so great seeing her again. Sheís waiting for her tickets so weíll meet later on. Iím NOT leaving here! Hahaha! Oh, theyíre closing the gate again, but this time the people here are allowed to stay. Good. Carlos has to do a few interviews for tv. Itís fun to watch. Not many people left here, jus some kids and some grown ups. Joan Bosch points out to Carlos that he has to go to us for some pics and autographs. So when the tv people are gone, he comes over! Muchas gracias Joan!! The man's got gorgeous eyes!!!
Carlos poses for pics with the kids. Then he looks at me and has this look on his face: hmm.. youíre no kid!! Haha! But he signs the photo anyway! Heís sweet! When heís finished he jumps the gate and leaves the court. Boy oh boy.... How I love this man!

Meanwhile Juanqui has started his match against Feli. I manage to see some of it. He beats Feli in straight sets. See??? He does that on purpose! When Iím not there, heíll win easy! If Iím sitting next to the court, he just canít help himself but play the maximum amount of sets and make me die on the spot. Someone remind me again WHY I like him????

Okay...so now Tineke goes to watch CaŮas and I go in search of the Dunlop stand where Tommy will be signing autographs at 15.00. In the Head stand they play a racket commercial. Itís hilarious. Agassi and Ferrero are playing in a museum dressed as ninjas. The hit through the laserbeams and want to get there hands on a trophy. Then the security guard catches them because one ball sets of the alarm. He makes them take of their ninja masks and both look so cute! Hahaha! After they hand over their rackets, they can leave. You can here them say: same time same place tomorrow??? Itís so funny!

Oh dear, so many people here. Then Laura phones and I decide to go to the place where they display the Davis Cup to meet her and her friend Bea. Itís really great to see them! Itís only a short meeting because they have to get their tickets. We say goodbye for now and I go back to Dunlop. Tommy has arrived. Itís difficult to get to him, so I just take a few pics and hope for the best.

Then itís time for Rafael to play his first round. All of a sudden all seats are filled, so this is bad for me! The leg space is horror! But Iíll manage, somehow. Thank heavens the Little Man is a fast worker! Hahaha! The match is finished in no time and I can sit normally again. Although I would have loved to have seen more because Rafa is a joy to watch.

I see Laura and Bea walking to the middle of the row they are sitting in. Where are they going??? So I look through my camera to see whoís there. OMC!! Itís Henke Larsson!! Wow! And they are talking to him!!!!! Iíll take some pics! Nice memory!

Next up is Marat! I hope heíll play well! Oh he puts on a cap and puts his hair behind his ears!!! Good boy! Looks much better like that! Marat plays Acasuso. Oh dear..... whatís he doing!? Heís just complaining, being bad tempered..... challenging the audience to boo him! But most are on his side, so what does he want??? If he keeps this up, heís not going to win is he?! And of course, he doesnít!!! Goes out in straight sets. Marat clean up your act my friend!!!

Tineke stays at centre court while I go to court 1 to see some Rafa/Feli doubles! I only missed one game, so itís okay. What a fun match this is! Itís so cold now! So this will take my mind of that! Laura and Bea have gone home. Too cold and getting late too. I promised Tineke to go back to the Gato match after the boys have finished. Well, itís the other way round here! Tineke joins me! Hahaha! They look like two oranges!! Rafaís uncle Toni has brought the kids!!! And they have so much fun watching Rafa play! Heís running all over the court, sometimes we forget Feliís there too!! They win in 3! What a match!

Great day again! One thing...I really wanted to see Mo!!! He was on Court 1 for some matches....but never when I was there! Tineke told me he was at the Gato match! Oh boohoo! Now I still havenít seen him! He was flirting with the ďtenĒ people left to watch Gaston and Felix. Sounds like Mo to me! Hahaha!
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    Re: Godů Open 20 April 2005

    sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    Posted 04-27-2005 at 04:41 AM by jackieglover jackieglover is offline

    Re: Godů Open 20 April 2005

    Thanks for the hilarious reports Sjoukje! :D They're much appreciated. :D
    Posted 04-29-2005 at 09:12 AM by MariaV
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