Thursday 21 April, my last day at the Godů -
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Thursday 21 April, my last day at the Godů

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Thursday 21 April 2005

Well, this is the last day of the Godů Open for us. Boohoo! I love it here, so sad to go! Anyway I still get to see Carlos, Rafael and Juanqui, so not a bad day. Shame Nando, Tommy and Feli arenít here...but you canít have it all!

First up: Coria and Calleri. I think that this could be over very quickly. How wrong can you be?! Coria looks like he doesnít want to be here at all! And Agustin is fighting his ass off! Hahaha! But he gets an injury timeout to get treatment for his back. Poor guy. When will he be free of injuries again?! They play 3 sets and Calleri manages to win it in the end. Guillermo was behaving like Marat for a bit, complaining and just being a pain basically. up JCF and Martin, now hereís a match that can take a while to finish! Two Spanish clay courters.... get your food and drinks... here we go! OOOH my Carlos! Ferrero means business! Hmm, better not make him play another tough 3 setter again, I mean, I AM sitting here to watch the guy and he usually makes a mess of things then... So I decide to get some bread before Rafael starts. Need to eat at some point! It proved to be a good choice, because when I got back, JCF was almost in the next round! BRAVO!

Not too long after thereís my ďlittle naranja manĒ. He waves as he walks on the court. So far, Rafaís the only one doing that. The others just walk on and find there seats. The girls behind me are drooling! Hahahaha! Itís funny! Rafa is on a roll again! Doesnít seem to want to spend a lot of time on court, again, today!!! The girl next to me is also taking pictures. Then when Rafa is standing in front of us, we both wanna take a picture, and as we wait for the best one, he pulls up his shirt! And the girls behind us go: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!! And we both go: ooops! And look at eachother and just had to laugh! It was a funny moment, I guess you had to be there! Anyway, Rafa tears Hrbaty apart! Thatís the last we will see of him today and this week, seeing we leave tomorrow night...Byebye Little Man! You were such a joy to watch! As were Nando, Tommy, Feli...

So, here we go, my final look at that beautiful man, my number one, Carlos Moya!!!! Heís going to play Max Mirnyi...So this will not be easy, seeing Max is the king of tie breaks! Hahaha! Carlos looks as handsome as ever! Pffff... what a man! No Flavia this time... And Joan is sitting on the wrong side of the court for me to enjoy him too! Oh well, more time to focus on Charly then!

Hello! Donít YOU start acting like Marat and Guille now Carlos!!! He is getting the umpire to come and check a ball in the first game! And the umpire agrees, so Max loses the first game of the match. Phew, well, nice present! Now keep it going then!

But no, why would he?! Carlos isnít capable of doing things the easy way! Could someone please remind me WHY Iíve been a Moya fan since 1995 again?! I swear I donít know most of the time! Max is being consistant and Carlos is messing up! He loses the first set 6-4. I decide to hide underneath my Spanish flag:saad:. Not helping much, except against the cold! Itís getting worse by the minute! My Charly goes down 4-6 4-6. oh boohoo! I like Max, donít get me wrong, but I love Carlos. Although I wonder why because heís killing me most of the time! Adios beautiful man... was so good seeing you again. Hopefully I will again!

The final match of the day is Gato against Ferrer. First I decide to watch some of the pics I brought with me, trying to cheer myself up a little. The girls behind me go crazy and want to have a closer look. Hahaha itís funny! Okay, cold or not, I decide Iíll support Gato today, so the Spanish flag could suggest otherwise and has to go back into the bag. Why does Gato have this little dreadlock in his hair??? I think it looks ridiculous and in the past few days, everytime he walked by I felt the urge to take a pair of scissors and cut the thing off!

OMC! Whatís Ferrer wearing?! His shirt is much too tight and he has one long and one short sleeve! Is this to honour Martina Hingis??? I canít remember much about the match...only that there were several breaks, including a racket! Haha! I was a bit surprised, never thought Gato to be the racketsmashing type! I was so wrong! With one smash he broke the thing in about 4 or 5 places!!! Goodness me! He gave his racket to Reiko, who was sitting behind his chair. He managed to win the match. David fought hard, but it wasnít enough. I held the racket afterwards and boy.... Still don't know HOW!

So, thatís it! Adios Godů!!! I loved it here, I love this city, I love these people here! It was so wonderful to see Carlos, Fernando, Rafael, Tommy, Juan Carlos, Feliciano and Marat!!! And also meet up with my dear friend Laura!!!

I hope to go back next year!!!

Barcelona rocks!!!
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