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Godó Open 19 April

Posted 04-24-2005 at 08:38 PM by

Tuesday 19 April 2005

Okay, today THE day! Carlos and Nando play!!!! The weather’s nice too, so what more could we ask for?

First we go to the practice courts, of course... Hmm...no one there..okay, go back then. OOOH Hello Feli! Hello Rafa!!! Haha! I turn around and decide to follow them to their court. Hmm...Rafa’s in front of me, walking up the stairs.... boy, he’s got a nice ass!! Hahaha! Tineke suggest I pinch him! OOOH come on!!!! NO WAY!!!

A few minutes later Juanqui joins them! Well, this is nice!!! MORE MORE! Feli is messing about a little and Rafa is being a good hard worker, wanting to make the most of the time they have here. After about 20 minutes we all have to leave again! There’s some sort of Nike thing coming up, so we’re not allowed to stay! Hmpf!!

Outside I chat with Birte. She’s my Pelle Nyborg Pal! I didn’t know they still excist!! We like the Swedes!!! The sun is already hot! I check out Coria who’s practicing on Court 3. Oh my god! Edmondo is playing ball boy there.... oh dear! Tineke is watchin Chela I think, not my cup of tea, so I go back to the practicecourts. Talking to Reiko for a bit. She introduced me to her friends yesterday by showing them my left wrist. (It has my name in Japanese, so that’s quite handy, haha)

Oh here’s Feli!!! Some kids want his autograph, but he puts his hands in the air like: noooo, sorry, leave me alone!! And he runs off!! Now, I may have gotten the wrong impression in Rotterdam, but this isn’t helping him one bit!! What a difference between Fernando and Feliciano!! Fer is just so nice to his fans! I cannot say the same about Feli! And there were only 3 or 4 kids... so WTF?!

Back to the lovely bench in the sun. OOOH here’s Gato! And Fernando! He smiles (and I die on the spot ) and I wish him the best for his first round match later that day. Pfffffffff, how can someone be so sexy, cute and nice??? Haha, well, he’s got it all!

We are still not allowed to enter the courts... DAMN! But Fer is so nice to play on the first court, so I get to watch him through the entrance!! He’s playing with Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo. I stand there, taking pics, drooling and just forgetting about the world around me! All of a sudden I feel a hand on my arm and it pushes me gently aside. The person asks if he can pass. I snap out of my Fernando World and think WTF?! Who’s doing this!!???!! Then I die for the millionth time! It’s the one the only the most gorgeous and lovely Carlos Moya!!! OMG! I get pushed aside by Moya!!!!! I can die happy now! Hahaha! He says hi to Fer and Ruben and walks to the back courts. Rafa and JC are long gone.

It’s almost 12.45 and since we’re not allowed to go in anyway, I decide to leave Fer and go to Centre Court, because Juanqui will play at 12.50. As I walk away I notice that Fer is right behind me!!!

Okay, here we go!! This will be a long “sit” on Centre! Ferrero-Moya-Verdasco. And these seats are not great for people with long legs..... Thank heavens I can sit a bit sideways... not everyone is there. Phew! Ooooh look!!! “Fernando’s Tree” is occupied by Fernando himself!! He comes and watches a bit of the match. Me like! JC however decides to kill me on the spot by playing 3 horrible sets! It’s like he does that on purpose, just for me! I cannot remember the last time I saw a JCF match live that he actually won easily.. Muchas gracias señor! Poor Patricia is almost getting a nervous breakdown! I wonder why?! She’s making me nervous! She cannot sit still for 2 seconds!!! He wins!!

Next, Carlos! OMC, he’s so beautiful! I cannot say that enough!! OOOH and there’s Joan Bosch too!! They sit not far from us. Flavia is also there. She’s more relaxed than Patricia is! Hahaha! Of course Charly wouldn’t be my Charly if he didn’t do things the hard way! He’s a guy who would go from Barcelona to Mallorca through Melbourne!!! It’s a tough job being a Moya fan! That guy is killing me! I hate him but can’t help loving him more! He wins in 3. Sorry Jarkko! I haven’t seen him live for 6 years, need at least one more match!

Then there’s sweet Nando!! He’s got this awful first round again! Luck isn’t with the guy!!! David Ferrer is a tough cookie! Fer isn’t playing that bad!! I think I see his grandfather and he’s cheering loud and encouraging him when he’s standing close. Still, Nando’s not happy and is swearing all over the place! I’m so sad! He loses in 2 sets.....boohoo! So no more Nando for me this week... Poor baby!

Not a bad day, apart from Nando losing.... I buy a Nike shirt with Rafael on the front and we leave... Tomorrow, Rafa will play. Great!!!

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    knight_ley's Avatar

    Re: Godó Open 19 April

    i would give anything to have Rafa's ass in front of me...
    Posted 04-25-2005 at 01:39 AM by knight_ley knight_ley is offline

    Re: Godó Open 19 April

    pushed outta the way by carlos? *dreams* u lucky sucker! and jc :inlove: gotta love him!
    Posted 04-27-2005 at 04:00 PM by roisin
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